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Weekly Lesson Plans - 3 Year

3 Year Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into 36 weekly lessons plans (shown to the left).  The weekly lesson plans are further broken into three categories: Items Needed, Objectives, and Suggested Activities.  Lesson plans also include links to printables and further learning ideas.  On average, every fourth week is a review week.  Use this time to review concepts learned so far, do activities that time didn't allow to cover, or focus on a concept with which your child is struggling.  Review weeks contain their own fine and gross motor skill activities.  To further understand the lesson plan format, please read the 3 Year Curriculum Lesson Plan Overview.

Each lesson plan may be printed using the printer icon in top, right corner of the page.  While the ABCJLM curriculum and worksheets are free online for family use, they are also available to order in book form.  Ordering saves you time and the amount of money that it takes to print off each curriculum's lesson plans and worksheets. The curriculum is also available for your Kindle or a Kindle app .

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