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Four curricula - 2 Year Curriculum, 3 Year Curriculum, 4 Year Curriculum, and 5 Year Curriculum - are the foundation of the ABCJLM site.  Each curriculum builds upon the other with a foundation of the Bible, academics, social skills, and preparation for Kindergarten being the goal.  All other pages and links on the site support the curriculum as well as provide the parent or teacher leading the curriculum with ample ideas.  You will find ideas to help with teaching, academic and Bible time, craft ideas, holidays, academic concepts, working on motor skills, and so much more.

Each curriculum is built around a 36-week time frame and structured to coincide with holidays.  However, you can begin the program whenever it is convenient for you and modify holiday activities.  36 Week Tables are included with each curriculum to help you do just that.


2 Year Curriculum The 2 Year Curriculum focuses on themes with corresponding Bible stories.  Bible stories are supported with memory verses, songs, and finger plays, poems or nursery rhymes.  Academically, 2-year-olds are introduced to colors, shapes, counting to 10, and saying letters.  The child is also taught self-care and manners along with personal information.  A "Book of the Week" introduces your child to some of the best preschool books in print according to ABCJLM users and our family.


3 Year Curriculum ColorThe 3 Year Curriculum consists of a chronological study of Bible stories starting in Genesis.  Each Bible story is supported with a memory verse, song, and finger play or nursery rhyme.  Academically, 3-year-olds learn colors, Letter of the Week consisting of the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and basic math skills including shapes, sorting, spatial concepts, and patterns.  Gross and fine motor skill activities are also included in this curriculum.  A "Book of the Week" introduces your child to some of the best preschool books in print according to ABCJLM users and our family.


4 Year Curriculum ColorThe 4 Year Curriculum is geared toward those children who will be entering Kindergarten the next year.  It consists of the Fruits of the Spirit and character traits which are supported through Bible characters, memory verses, and songs.  Academically, 4-year-olds learn how to write their letters, numbers, name, phone number, address as well as learning about the seasons, senses, and tying a shoe to name a few.  Also basic math such as shapes, colors, spatial concepts, sorting, opposites, sequencing, and patterns are learned.  Gross and motor skill activities along with visual perception activities are also a part of this curriculum.


5 Year CurriculumThe 5 Year Curriculum is a Pre-K program for children who are older or more advanced.  The 5 Year Curriculum Bible themes focus on the meaning behind the Scripture instead of simply memorizing Bible stories. The child will learn what the Bible is, who God is, ways that God desires to help us, and how we need to live.  The 5 Year Curriculum focuses on writing the letters and identifying the letters in words.  Each week contains a sight word taken from the "Fry Instant Word" list.  According to Dr. Edward B. Fry, 25 of the 28 words introduced in the curriculum make up 1/3 of all items published.  Academically, the child is introduced to many early elementary concepts - coins, clock, addition, weather, and so much more.  Gross and motor skill activities along with visual perception activities are also a part of this curriculum.



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