What is ABCJLM?

ABC Jesus Loves Me is a comprehensive, research-based preschool curriculum for ages 1-5 that focuses on academics, development, and the Bible. The five 36-week curricula incorporate learning into the toddler's and preschooler's day instead of controlling it, allowing the child to explore, play, and learn new things.  Our website includes thousands of lesson plans, printables, and supportive ideas to guide the child's learning and help the adult be intentional throughout the day. 

The entire ABCJLM site, ideas, and attachments are free for the teaching of your child in an immediate family, home setting.  Use of any idea or worksheet from this website with a child outside your legal guardianship requires a License.  This includes all churches as well as nonprofit and for-profit businesses, daycares, and preschools.  Lesson plans and workbooks are available to order in book form.

Click to determine what objectives are taught per curriculum, which curriculum to use with your child, and more information on License Terms.

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1 Year Curriculum

1 Year Curriculum

The 1 Year Curriculum is for a child between the ages of 12 and 24 month.  This play-based curriculum is used as an introduction to the Bible, sign-language, and learning.


2 Year Curriculum

The 2 Year Curriculum is for a child between the ages of 18 months and 3 years.  This play-based curriculum is used as an introduction to the Bible and Academic learning.


3 Year Curriculum

The 3 Year Curriculum is for a child who is able to count to 10, say the ABC's, as well as help with basic chores and self-care.  This curriculum focuses on a chronological study of the Bible as well as basic academic learning through play.


4 Year Curriculum

The 4 Year Curriculum is geared toward those children who will be entering Kindergarten the next year.  It consists of the Fruits of the Spirit and character traits which are supported through Bible characters, memory verses, and songs.  


5 Year Curriculum

The 5 Year Curriculum is a Pre-K program for the child who is more advanced.  Personal application of the Bible as well as early-elementary concepts are introduced.