2 Year Curriculum

The 2 Year Curriculum is for a child between the ages of 18 months and 3 years.  This play-based curriculum is used as an introduction to the Bible and Academic learning.


3 Year Curriculum

The 3 Year Curriculum is for a child who is able to count to 10, say the ABC's, as well as help with basic chores and self-care.  This curriculum focuses on a chronological study of the Bible as well as basic academic learning through play.


4 Year Curriculum

The 4 Year Curriculum is geared toward those children who will be entering Kindergarten the next year.  It consists of the Fruits of the Spirit and character traits which are supported through Bible characters, memory verses, and songs.  


5 Year Curriculum

The 5 Year Curriculum is a Pre-K program for the child who is more advanced.  Personal application of the Bible as well as early-elementary concepts are introduced.