Character of Self-Control

Self-Control Activities:

A Better Choice
Self-control is one of the hardest traits for young children to develop.  To change poor behavior, the child must be equipped with a better choice.  Help the child come up with an acceptable solution to screaming, throwing a fit, and pouting.  Then work with the child it incorporate this positive behavior into his life.  The Kibbles Rockin' Clubhouse DVD helps a child learn to take deep breaths and count to gain control. Read more ...

Role Play
Role play daily situation about self-control using stuffed animals.  Talk about what you may want to do vs. what you should do in various situations.  Also discuss good choices & bad choices throughout the week.

Instruct the child to sit on his bottom and only touch the bubble if it comes to him - but he must stay on his bottom.  That means that some bubbles may float past.  Blow a bubble that the child can easily get while seated.  Then move the bubbles away from the child reminding him that importance of self-control.


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