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Complete 5 Year Curriculum

Lessons:  36 to cover 9-12 months of learning

Target Age:  5 to 6 Years 
Traditional Kindergarten or Kindergarten Curriculum

Comprehensive Learning:   

  • Academics
  • Bible
  • Development (Fine and Gross Motor)
  • Handwriting
  • Music
  • Pragmatics
  • Pre-Reading  
  • Visual Perception

Learning in the 5 Year Curriculum     View Samples

Academic LearningThe 5 Year Curriculum focuses on writing letters and identifying the letters in words. Monthly word families are used to introduce basic reading and rhyme.

Academically, the child learns early elementary concepts, such as: 

  • Coins
  • Time
  • Addition
  • Weather
  • Patterns
  • Counting forward and backwards
  • Measuring
  • Spatial learning
  • Senses
Bible Learning

The 5 Year Curriculum builds upon basic stories to help the child understand who God is, ways that God desires to help us, and how to live holy lives according to His Word.  Enjoy:

  • Bible stories which focus on the trinity, "Bee Attitudes," the Lord's Prayer, the Armor of God, and salvation. 
  • Memory verses. songs, and activities support each Bible story.
  • Interactive Bible Stories to involve the child in the learning.

A simple song is also provided to help the child learn the order of the Old Testament Books of the Bible.

Developmental Learning

Development and self-care are important parts of the 5 Year Curriculum. It includes activities focused on gross and fine motor skills and visual perception. Children practice learning such as: 

  • Correctly writing letters 
  • Drawing words that begin with the letters
  • Finding the letters in words
  • Eye tracking
  • Craft making
  • Drawing
  • Exercise
  • Tying Shoes
  • Hygiene


Products in the 5 Year Curriculum   View Samples

5 Year Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide

The 5 Year Curriculum Guide is 112 pages that details 36 Lesson Plans in the Complete 5 Year Curriculum. It also includes the Curriculum’s Scope, Sequence, and Daily Schedules, which divides focused activities of each Lesson Plan into a 5-day guide.

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5 Year Workbook

Activity Workbook

The 120 activity sheets include academic, Bible, visual perception, and writing learning as well as assessment.  Instead of a coloring book, the Activity Workbook is a fun and interactive way for kids to build upon the learning provided in the Lesson Plans. 

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 5 Year Bible Stories

Interactive Bible Stories

The 5 Year Interactive Bible Stories contain age-appropriate, interactive Bible scripts for all the Bible stories in the 5 Year Curriculum. Use weekly comprehension questions for further engagement.   Optional flannelgraph suggestions included.

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5 Year Bible Song Cards

Bible Song Cards

This digital download comprises cards for:

  • Old Testament Books of the Bible
  • 26 Bible Songs


5 Year Poem Packet

Poem Cards

This digital download comprises poster and travel-sized cards for the 29 poems included in the 5 Year Curriculum.


5 Year Sight Words

Word Families

Introduce the child to rhyming words and beginning reading with the fun 5 Year Word Family Printable.


"ABCJesusLovesMe is a truly comprehensive curriculum. It should satisfy those who want to provide a structured learning for their little ones. It should also be useful to those who want to pick and choose ideas without using the complete curriculum. The Christian base of the curriculum makes it an excellent option for Christian preschools as well as families who want to build a faith-based foundation...."   ...Cathy Duffy of

5 Year Memory Verse Packets

Memory Verse Packet

This digital download is comprised of double-sided poster and travel-sized cards for the 19 memory verses included in the 5 Year Curriculum.  Verses also available in King James Version


Bundle and Save

Bundle and Save!

Purchase the 5 Year Bundle and receive free products.  

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  • Workbook
  • Interactive Bible Stories
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