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Biblical Discipline Video Series

Parenting and teaching used to be so simple.  Not any more.  At every turn parents and teachers are told conflicting theories on how to raise and teach their children.  

It is time we turn back to the truth of the Bible and see what God - the perfect father and teacher - says about training children.  

In this 3-part Biblical Discipline series, you will view a live taping of an ABCJesusLovesMe Conference where Heidi guides you to the Scriptures and provides tools to build a solid foundation of biblical discipline for your family or classroom.

Green CrayonI just purchased and watched the three Biblical Discipline videos. Holy smokes blown away. SO good. Hands down best video and/or information I have retained in a long time.  --Rachael on Facebook

Biblical Discipline Part 1

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Biblical Discipline Part 2

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Biblical Discipline Part 3

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Biblical Discipline Bundle

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Green CrayonOh my goodness how the {Biblical Discipline Video Series] is helping me!! I always knew I was a permissive parent, but I didn’t know how not to be.   ...Your information has been so easy for me to understand where [to draw the lines] and you crushed my fears and insecurities . ...I’ve started implementing firmer more consistent boundaries and I’m doing it with confidence.  --Judith

Video Information

The purchaser and spouse may watch these videos.  Do not share or view with a group.  To share these tools with your church or preschool, please contact Heidi to schedule a speaking event.  The link to the video is provided with the invoice and will also be emailed after the purchase is complete.