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Praise God that we don't have to walk this journey alone.  He has encouraged us to love and build up each other.  Facebook is one way that parents, grandparents, and teachers can join together with the goal of finding answer, ideas, and encouragement.  ABCJesusLovesMe can be found on Facebook in the following six ways.

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The very active ABCJesusLovesMe Facebook Group is a safe place to discuss the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum, the Bible, parenthood as well as preschool activities.  Join the over 10,000 other adults in the adventure of raising and teaching children who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind.  Once you join this group, be sure to join the sub-groups for each curriculum, an "ABCJLM and Beyond" group for those working with other children, and the Swap group to buy, share, and sell ABCJLM Curriculum supplies.


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Join over 1,000 women who support each other in their walks with Jesus, inspire those around them to dig deeper in the Word, and who seek the Lord each morning.  We train each other in what God has taught us, encourage our sisters to keep running the race set before them, and rely on each other when we feel weak.  We serve each other as sisters in the body of Christ.

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