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The ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum is designed to give a child a solid foundation for kindergarten.  But what behavior skills are needed to be most successful for the first year of school?

Below is a list of behavior skills our local elementary school sees as needed for a child to be successful in kindergarten.  

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Can your child....?

  • go to the restroom by himself/herself
  • wipe, put the toilet paper in the toilet, and flush after using the restroom
  • wash hands after using the restroom
  • fasten a belt, snap or button own pants
  • blow own nose
  • ask for help from an adult when need (ex:  I need to go to the restroom.  I don't feel well.)
  • perform task/chores independently (ex:  Put your shoes on.  Work on learning how to tie your shoes.  Pick up toys.)
  • use manners while eating (ex:  use fork/spoon, remain seated while eating, use a napkin, eat with mouth closed)

Listening and Speaking

Can your child...?

  • sit in a chair for 10-15 minutes
  • focus eyes on someone speaking (a parent, a sibling, a friend)
  • listen without interrupted
  • maintain focus while listening to a story being read aloud (not a television show - a real person)
  • speak respectfully to others (adult and peers)
  • answer or respond when spoken to (ex:  saying "Good morning," answering questions - What is your name?, etc.)

General Knowledge

Can your child...?

  • tell his/her whole name (first, middle, and last name)
  • tell his/her personal information (phone number, address, birthday, parents' name)

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