Preschool Notebook of Activities

With four littles in our home, our refrigerator was not big enough to hold all of the artwork and handwriting papers.  I needed a way to showcase and organize the learning our children were doing during preschool time.  

The idea of a Preschool Notebook or Journal came from Dina on the ABCJesusLovesMe Facebook Group.  It's a way to keep current worksheets and calendars accessible, combine all of the activities that the child has done throughout the curriculum, and see progress along the way.  I loved the concept and wanted to share it with everyone.

Preschool Notebook Supplies

3 Ring Binder - 1 1/2 to 3" binder depending on the number of papers you will inserting in binder.

Dry Erase Pockets or Sheet Protectors  

These make it easy to slip in pages that you want to use again or don't hole punch easily.

Paper Hole Punch

Paper Punch This makes it easy to add pages to the folder.

Notebook Covers

Print one of the Preschool Notebook Covers and add the child's name to decorate the folder.

Helpful Hints

Allow each child to have his or her own folder with an ABCJesusLovesMe printable adorning the cover.   

Then, in the front of each folder place the worksheets to be covered for the week - curriculum, Bible, or Visual Perception worksheets. You may also include a monthly calendar for calendar time or to jot notes and reminders.  As a worksheet is finished, move it from the front to the back of the folder.  You can organize the worksheets by finish date or by category (Bible coloring, handwriting, etc.).

Or, keep only the finished worksheets in the folder.

Make a daily or weekly tradition to have the child show the notebook to a parent or a family member and explain what he or she is learning.



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