ABCJLM Creation Ideas
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Bible, Books, and Electronics:

Genesis 1
The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers pg 7-17
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes:  pg 14-17
The Beginner's Bible:  pg 7-13
My Story Bible:  pg 8-9
Through the Bible in Felt pg 1-2

320113: NEW! Little Blessings: Who Made the World? Who Made the World?- Part of the Little Blessings series, this book answers some questions that children have about creation.

God Gave Us You God Gave Us You - a great book answering the question "Where did I come from?"

• Play the "Creation" adventure and use the coloring sheet on the Charlie Church Mouse Preschool Cd-Rom.  Read more...


Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Tune:  Are You Sleeping
In the beginning, (2x)
God created (2x)
The heavens and the earth (2x)
Genesis 1:1 (2x)

Songs and Poems:

Do you Know Who Made the World? (Thank you, Connie, for this idea.)
Tune:  Mary Had a Little Lamb or Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Do you know who made the world,
made the world, made the world?
Do you know who made the world?
It was God who made the world.

Replace the word 'world' with other things that God created depending on the day of creation (cows, dogs, trees, etc.)  Have the child suggest their own.

This is the Day (Traditional)
This is the day (echo)
That the Lord has made (echo)
I will rejoice (echo)
And be glad in it (echo)
This is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
This is the day (echo)
That the Lord has made

Seven Days (Author unknown)
Tune: Are You Sleeping? or Where is Thumbkin?
Seven days, seven days
In a week, in a week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, That’s a week

• God Made Me Poem
Here are my fingers, here are my toes
Here are my knees, here is my nose.
Here are my feet that help me walk around.
Here is my mouth that can make sound.
Here are my ears, my shoulders, my belly
Here is my tongue that eats grape jelly
Here is my hair that is crazy you see
Here is my smile that God gave me!

He’s Got the Whole World (Traditional)
He's got the whole world in His hands (3x)
The whole world in His hands.

Create your own verses:
He's got our family...
He's got the mountains and the rivers...
He's got the fish and the birds...

Creation Fingerplay
On Day 1 (On numbers - put corresponding fingers in the air)
God created light (close fists and then quickly open in the air and bring down to side creating arches)
On Day 2
God created the sky (wave arms in the air) and water (make waves with hands)
On Day 3
God created land (with palms facing the floor, run hands flat in front of you) and plants (place one fist inside the other and pop the one fist through the other - sign language for plant)
On Day 4
God created the sun (hold arm up in the air with fingers spread wide), moon (with opposite arm make a "c" formation with your hand in the air), and stars (with index fingers putting up alternate right and left hand moving up in the air - sign language for stars)
On Day 5
God created the fish (swim hands with palms together) and birds (join thumbs and fly hands in the air)
On Day 6
God created animals (choose your favorite animal) and people (point with thumbs at self)
On Day 7
God rested (place hands together by face as sleeping)

Days of Creation (Thank you Dedra for this idea.)
Tune:  Are You Sleeping

On the first day x2
God created x2
Light and dark (or Day and Night) x2
It was good x2

On the second day x2
God created x2
Sky and ocean x2
It was good x2

On the third day x2
God created x2
Land, plants, and trees x2
It was good x2

On the fourth day x2
God created x2
Sun, moon, and stars x2
It was good x2

On the fifth day x2
God created x2
Fish and birds x2
It was good x2

On the sixth day x2
God created x2
Animals and man x2
It was very good x2

On the seventh day x2
It was finished x2
And God blessed it x2
Then he rested x2

ABCJLM Activities and Crafts:

creation hopscotch Creation Hopscotch - Each block is a day of creation. (Image and idea from Melissa )

Fingerprint Creation Nicole - Handprint Creation (Image and Idea from Nicole)

Day 1 - Paint half the hand white and the other half black
Day 2 - Paint the bottom half of the hand dark blue and the top half light blue
Day 3 - Paint the bottom half of the hand green and the top half brown.  Add "leaves" with fingerprints at the top.
Day 4 - Paint half the hand black and the other half light blue.  Add sun, moon, and stars on top of the print.
Day 5 - Paint the bottom half of the hand dark blue and the top half light blue.  Add a fish in the dark blue and a bird in the light blue.
Day 6 - Paint the bottom half of the hand brown and the top half white.  Draw the fingers to look like animals and people.

• Creation Boxes Creation Boxes (Image and Idea from Shelly)
Using 6x6 boxes, glue the Creation Number Flashcards & fill each box with items to represent each day.
1. Painted inside black, has finger lights & glow sticks.
2. Water & oil bottle with glitter
3. Pine cone, stick, smooth stones, fabric flowers & fruit.
4. Painted sun on inside lid & glitter stars on inside.
5. Pack of goldfish (for snack,) sea shells & feathers.
6. Plastic animals, fur, boy & girl figurines.
7. Mini pillow.

• ABCJLM Bible Coloring Sheets: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

My Creation Book Color the My Creation Book title page.  Staple or bind all of the "Day" pages together to form a book.  Review the Bible stories as you look through the finished book.

Day Night Day 1 - Use a piece of black construction paper as the background.  Cut a piece of white construction paper in half.  Glue the half white sheet vertically on the black sheet.  Write "Day" on the white piece and "Night" on the black.  Add the number "1" to the page.

Day 2 Day 2 - Use a piece of blue construction paper.  Add cotton balls in the sky for clouds.  Make waves with shaving cream and blue paint at the bottom.  Add the number "2" to the page.

Creation Day 2 Day 2 - Use a piece of blue construction paper.  Add cotton balls in the sky for clouds.  Glue waves made with blue tissue paper.  Add the number "2" to the page. (Thank you Tabatha for sharing this idea and image.)

Creation Day 2 Demo Day 2 - Water and Oil Demonstration
Take a small glass jar and fill it half way with water.  Add enough blue food coloring to make it a beautiful blue. Then fill the rest with oil (any oil will do but I used vegetable oil because it is less expensive). Put a lid on the jar.  Use this to demonstrate Day 2 of Creation when God separated the water from the sky. Move the jar around to create waves (the water will always be beneath the oil). Shake the jar and then leave it for about 15 minutes and it will separate again.  Discuss how water is always separate from the sky.  Reminder: The glass jar and liquid ingredients are not a toy. (Thank you Katie for sharing this idea and image.)

Creation Day 3  Day 3 - Flowers

Glue tissue paper to the bottom part of the part to create the earth.  Cut muffin liners to look like flowers.  Cut drinking straws for the stems. (Thank you Joi for sharing this idea and image.)

Day 3 Day 3 - On a piece of construction paper, add grass, tress, and plants.  Use stickers, diecuts, or paint the "plants."  Add the number "3" to the page.

Day 3 Dirt Day 3 - Nature Poster
Spread glue on the bottom half of a sheet of construction paper.  Sprinkle on dirt.  Glue small sticks and leaves to create trees.  Glue grass above the dirt. (Thank to Krystal for sharing this idea and photo.)

Day 3 Grass Day 3 - Nature Poster
Draw a tree trunk on a piece of construction paper.  Glue small leaves above the trunk.  Glue pieces of grass at the bottom.  Draw flowers above the grass. (Thank to Katie for sharing this idea and photo.)

Green Tree Grass Day 3 - Nature Poster
Draw a tree and decorate with Easter grass or green paper shred. (Thank you to April for this idea and image.)

Sun Moon Stars Day 4 - Using the Sun, Moon, Stars template, cut the shapes out of appropriately colored paper.  Using a piece of black construction paper as the background, glue the sun and moon in the sky.  Place the stars around the moon.  Add the phrase "God made the sun, moon and stars" at the bottom of the page.  Add the number "4" to the page. (Thank you Connie for this idea.)

Day 4 Qtips
Day 4 - Using the Sun, Moon, Stars template, cut the shapes out of appropriately colored paper.  Instead of using the stars, instruct the child to dab white paint with q-tips on the image to creat stars.  This is an excellent activity to work the child's pincer grasp. (Thank you to Alicia for this idea and for sharing the image.)

- Sunburst Day 4 - Sunburst - Place a dollop of yellow paint on a piece of paper.  Using a q-tip, popsicle stick or the child's finger, pull the paint away to make sun rays.

Day 5 Creation Day 5 - On a light blue piece of construction paper place a bird in the sky.  Add a darker blue half sheet to the bottom of the background piece for water.  Add a fish to this section.  Add the number "5" to the page.

- Handprint Aquarium day5 kasandra Day 5 Handprint Aquarium

Sponge paint a paper plate light blue.  Paint the child's hand and stamp on the plate to form a fish.  Wash the child's hand.  Paint a finger tip green and stamp at the bottom of the plate to make green plants.  End by stamping red fingerprints to create little fish.  Using a black marker add fins, a tail, eye, and mouth on the little fish.  Add an eye and mouth to the big fish.  (My kiddos made this at a VBS program; original idea unknown.  Pink fish image by Kasandra)

Day 6 -  With a piece of construction paper as the background, add stickers or pictures of zoo animals. May also glue on animal crackers. Add the number "6" to the page.

Coffee Filter Earth Day 7 World
Lay a coffee filter over the Day 7 coloring sheet and trace it with blue and green washable  Spray water on the coffee filter or use a medicine dropper to drip water on the coffee filter to cause the colors to run together.  Allow to dry.  Glue on top of the Day 7 coloring sheet. (Idea and image shared by Jessica.)

Day 7 - Make a collage of all that God created. Add the number "7" on the page.

Earth Crayons Day 7 - Make Earth Crayons (Original Idea Unknown)
Gather green, white, and blue crayons.  (If possible use a couple shades of green and blue crayons.)  Remove the paper and break the crayons into small pieces.  Fill muffin tin cups halfway full with a mixture of the broken crayons.  Place the crayons in a 250 degree oven and wait.  Because different brands of crayons are made of different ingredients, the crayons will melt at varying speeds.   Remove the tin and allow the crayons to cool.  The crayon material contracts as it gets cold making the new crayons easy to pop out of the muffin tin. Read more... (Thank you to Christina for sharing the image.)

Creation Flashcards Creation Number Flashcards - Use these cards to introduce each day of creation, help in memory, or place in order of events

• As you read the story, have the child give a thumbs up every time God says, "It is good!"

Creation Color Creation Wheel (Adapted from Big Book of Christian Crafts)
Print the black and white creation wheel template on cardstock and then cut out the circle.  Add a title to the empty segment.  Color the pictures.  Using construction paper, trace and cut out a second circle the same size.  Cut out a “pie” segment from the second circle that is slightly smaller than one segment on the first circle.  Make sure not to cut all the way into the center.  Insert a brad (paper fastener) into the center of both circles with the second circle on top.   Review the creation story by turning the top wheel to expose the pictures below.  You can also create your own wheel by cutting two circles and drawing or using stickers for the 7 days of creation.

Creation Wheel Poster 2 Charlene shared on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group how she combined the Creation Wheel, song, and verse on a poster.

Sun Moon Stars Mobile Create a Sun, Moon, Star Mobile.  Cut the shapes out of appropriately colored paper.  Add a string to the cut outs and hang to create a mobile.

Creation Numbers Creation Numbers
Create large numbers using the Number Posters 1-7.  Decorate with stickers and images to represent each day of Creation. (Thank you to Alisha for sharing this idea and image with us.  Original idea from here.)

Day 1 - Black & white construction paper to resemble God separating light from dark.
Day 2 - Use blue pastels to color the number two, and then glue on a few cotton balls for clouds.
Day 3 - Glue flowers on the number.
Day 4 - Cut the four using black construction paper.  Add stars using a stamp dipped in white paint.  A thumb print in yellow paint will create a sun.  Draw a moon or use a sticker.
Day 5 and 6 - Chose appropriate stickers to put on each of these numbers.  Day 5 -birds and fish.  Day 6 - other animals.
Day 7 - Glue clouds on the number to resemble God 'resting'.

ABCJLM Food Ideas:

Creation Food Creation Snack Ideas (Image shared by Sierra)
Day 1 (Day, Night) - Oreo cookies
Day 2 (Sky, Water) - Cotton Candy, water or Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, blue Jello, marshmallows
Day 3 (Land, Plants) - Make plants and flowers with stick pretzels, colored M&M's and raisins
Day 4 (Sun, Moon, and Stars) - Yellow piece of cheese cut into a circle, white powder donut, Starburst candy, miniature star pasta
Day 5 (Fish, Birds) - Goldfish
Day 6 (Animals, Man) - Animal Crackers, Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets, Human Puppy Chow (aka Muddy Buddies)
Day 7 (Rest) - Marshmallows as pillows

day1bnw megan Day 1: Chocolate and Vanilla Chips
(Image Shared by Megan)

day1 Jennifer Day 1: Day and Night Chocolate, Banana Pops
(Image Shared by Jennifer)

Blue Jello Creation Day 2 Day 2 - Blue Raspberry Jello with Cool Whip clouds (Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea and image.)

Fruit Flowers - Day 3 Day 3 - Create flowers and plants using cut up vegetables and fruit. (Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea and image.)

Flower Food Day 3 - Create flowers with peanut butter covered ricecakes, raisins, and grapes as garnish. (Thank you Lindsay for sharing this idea and image.)

Day 4 Food Day 4 - Using sugar cookie dough, cut into circles and stars.  Paint with egg yolk paint - 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp water, divided and tinted with food coloring. (Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea and image.)

Day 6 Food Day 6 - Using cookie cutters, cut animals out of cheese squares. (Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea and image.)

Telling the Story with Flannelgraph:

Scripture:  Gensis 1, 2

Flannelgraph Needed:

Water board
(Listed below)


Read from a Children's Bible or an adult Bible and have the children place the appropriate pieces on the board as needed.  Or see the Creation script in Old Testament Curriculum

Day 1: If possible, begin with the board covered with a black piece of material.  Remove half of the black material to show a strip of white material.

Day 2

Day 2: Remove the white and black material and show the sky and the sea.

Day 3

Day 3: S2, S3, S7, S8-9, S20, 180A

Day 4

Day 4: 174, 175, 176

Day 5

Day 5: An assortment of 138, 139, 140, 141, 148, 151

Day 6 Animals

Day 6: An assortment of animals 123, 129, 135, 159

Day 6 People

Day 6: 13, 93


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