My kids have enjoyed going "fishing" in our living room.  Catching each fish becomes an educational game.  What's great about this activity is that they don't even realize that they are learning!!!  This game is easy to make and can be created as simple or as detailed as you want.

The Fishing Game can be used with any of the objectives in the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum - letters, numbers, shapes, color, memory verses, comprehension questions, gross motor activities, etc.  Use your imagination!  This is a suggested activity to use throughout the curriculum.

Fish Game for Preschool Letter and Number Learning

To Make:

Fishing Pole: A dowel rod, string, and magnet.

Fish : Create fish-shaped pieces on various colors of card stock paper ( fish pattern ).  If available, a die-cutter would save a lot of time cutting.  Write whatever concept you want to work on - letters, numbers, shapes, comprehension questions, Bible verse references, etc. - on the fish.  It is best to laminate the finished fish or cover them with clear contact paper.  Place a large paper clip on the fish for the mouth.

To make it even more simple, simply write the objectives on a 3x5" card and place a paper clip on the end.

Fish Game for Preschool Letter and Number Learning

To Purchase:

Fishing Pole:  Child’s size fishing pole with a magnet on the end.

Fish: Magnetic Numbers and Magnetic Letters work as "fish" when turned upside down.

Fish Game for Preschool Letter and Number Learning

To Play:

Have the child "fish" by putting the fish on the floor (on a blue blanket), bucket, or a bowl.  As they catch a fish, have them tell you what is on the fish.

Important: Don't have the child "fish" from a large school of fish at a time.  It is better to have a few fish to catch and keep his interest then to make the game last too long.  Also, find a good balance between concepts he knows and ones the child is struggling with.

Safety: The magnet on the end of a string can be dangerous to eyes and a swallowing hazard.  Be careful how the child swings the magnet around.


 Letter Go Fish Write on each fish in the Let's Go Fishing game a letter of the alphabet.  As the child the name or phonetic sound of the letter when a fish is "caught."  (image by Jennifer)

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