Five Little Ducks Five Little Ducks

- Finger Play Actions:
Number - show the  number of ducks on your fingers
Over the hills - move hand in front of you like you are going up and down over hills
Far away - move opposite hand in front of you in same motion

Quack - move hand like a duck's beak saying "quack"

- Five Little Ducks Print, color and cut apart the Five Little Ducks printable.  Back each duck with sticky tape and post.  Sing the song or read the book and have the child remove one duck for each verse (begin with Duck #5).  To make the activity more difficult, scramble the ducks so that the numbers are not in order.

- After reading the book several times, sing the song doing the actions by memory.

- As the book progresses, sing each verse in a "more sad" voice.

- Talk about the feeling of "sadness."  Show a "sad" face.  Talk about things that make us sad just like the Mommy Duck in the story.

- Practice counting backwards from 5 to 1 using your fingers to create a great fine motor skill activity.

- Visit a local pond and feed the ducks.


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