Get ready to score big with these football-themed activities perfect for preschoolers on Super Bowl Sunday or any game day!  Dive into the excitement of the game with these fun and engaging activities designed to keep young ones entertained and active during football festivities.

Lacing Football Print the Lacing Football printable on cardstock or paper.  Color and cut out the football.  If printed on paper, glue and back with cardboard or a side of a cereal box.  Punch holes for the child to lace with yarn or a shoestring.  Shared by Amy.

Decorate the Football: Print the Football printable. Provide the child with craft supplies to decorate the football.  Examples are tissue paper, torn construction paper, paint, or crayons.

Football Exercising: Decide an activity to do for various movements made during the game.  For example:  Do 5 jumping jacks for each touchdown.
         Do 5 pushups for each field goal.
         Do 5 summersaults for each interception.   

Football Jersey  Print the Football Jersey printable.  Provide the child with colored pencils, crayons, or other craft supplies to decorate the jersey.

Touchdown Dance: Encourage the child to create his/her own touchdown dance every time a team scores. This gets them up and moving while celebrating the game.

Count the Points: Help the child practice counting by keeping track of the points scored by each team throughout the game.  For younger children use tally marks.

Timeouts: Take breaks during timeouts, commercial breaks, or halftime to play football in your living room using a soft football.  

Team Spirit Face Painting: Use washable face paint to paint the logos or colors of the teams playing on the child's face to show team spirit.

Mini Field Goal Kicks: Set up a mini field goal post (you can use cardboard tubes or create one with household items) and let the child take turns kicking a soft ball or rolled-up socks through the goal posts.

Make Pompoms:  Cut multiple ribbons, construction paper strips, or streamers 12" long.  Tie or staple together and then tape to the end of a paint stick or large craft stick.  

Find the Football:  Hide a football for the child to find.  To add a timer for fun.  

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