Joy Learning Ideas

Joy & Happiness Bible Songs

Happiness Is the Lord
New words by Susan Sassaman 

Happiness is Church on Sunday
Building us up
For life on Monday
Teaching our lives
To go in God's way
Happiness is the Lord.

Happiness is singing in the choir
Singing God's praise
Till our heart's on fire
Make a joyful noise
Is all He requires
Happiness is the Lord

Happiness is to be in God's Family
Brothers, sisters
That's you and me-
If in your heart 
With God you agree
Happiness is the Lord

Happiness is being God's little lamb
Knowing our shepherd, knows where I am
He wants me close
To learn all I can
Happiness is the Lord

Happiness is Sunday School
Lovingly taught the Golden Rule
Taught all God's Word
For it's real cool!
Happiness is the Lord

Happiness is joy and peace
Even when trials seem to increase
God's love and care
Puts your heart at ease
Happiness is the Lord

Joy and Happiness Activities and Crafts

JOY Bells
Cut out three bells.  Add "J" "O" and "Y" to each bell.  On the "J" bell write, "1st Jesus."  On the "O" bell, write "Then Others."  On the "Y"bell, write "Finally yourself."

New Testament Curriculum

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