Ee Poster Ideas:

E-Eggshells Eggshells:
- Wash eggshells and allow to dry.  Break into small pieces and glue on the Ee Poster.  May want to place the eggshells in a water and food coloring mixture to make them colorful.



E- E's E's:
- Find and cut out e's from newspaper or magazines.  This is a great activity as different fonts make the same letter appear different.




E-Elephant Elephant:
- Glue or put on pictures/stickers of elephants on the Ee Poster.






- Glue googly eyes on the Ee Poster.




Additional Ee Poster Ideas:

- Color the pattern with a pencil and then erase.
- Glue on various things that God has given us on earth.

Ee Activities:

- Eyedropper painting
Needed:  an eyedropper (medicine dropper will work as well), paint (may need to add a little water to thin the paint)
Teach the child how to use the eyedropper to pick up the paint and drop it on the paper.

Ee Computer Activities:

Starfall Ee Computer Activity

Ee Books:

My E Book My "E" Book -  by Jane Belk Moncure - Be sure to use the phonetic sound of the letter and not the letter name when reading the book. When we come to a letter, I have my child read the phonetic sound of each letter.

Sheep in a Jeep Sheep in a Jeep - The "long e" sound

The Little Engine that Could The Little Engine That Could

Red Red Red Red Red Red - The "short e" sound

The Golden Egg Book

When the Elephant Walks

Green Eggs and Ham

Emma Kate

Enemy Pie

Ee Snacks and Foods:

- Egg (scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, eggplant)
- English muffins


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