H Words:
Cut words that begin with "h" out of the newspaper and glue to the Hh Poster.




Additional Hh Poster Ideas:

- Use a heart sponge and paint.

- Use a hole punch and cut out holes.

- Finger paint to create handprints.

- Print out two Hh Posters.  Color the first poster and use a hole punch to cuts holes into the poster.  Place glue on the back of the 1st poster and lay it on top of the 2nd poster.  Click here for an example. (Idea from Storytime and More )

Hh Activities:

- Hop like a bunny!

Computer Activities:

Starfall Hh Computer Activity

Hh Snacks and Foods:

- Honey
- Hamburger, Ham, Hotdog
- Honeydew
- Hot food
- Heart shaped cookies

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