Mm Poster Ideas:



- Glue or paste pictures or stickers of monkeys on the Mm Poster.




Cut "m's" out of a newpaper and glue to the Mm Poster.



Mm Miniwheats Mini wheat cereal :
- Lay miniwheats on the Mm Poster. (Thank you to Bonnie for this idea and image.)


Additional Mm Poster Ideas:

- Glue on macaroni, marshmallows, or pictures of “me”.

- Decorate with Christmas manger stickers.

- Color with markers.

- Marbleize M Marbleize the Mm Poster
- a fun science experiment with paper, food coloring, oil, and water.  Click link to read directions and see images.

Mm Computer Activities:

Mm Computer Activity

Mm Snacks and Foods:

- Marshmallows, M&M's
- Meatballs, meatloaf
- Monkey Bread
- Macaroni
- Mayo and mustard on sandwich
- Melon
- Mini wheat cereal


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