Rr Poster Ideas:

Red R


- Paint, stamp, or color the poster red.


Roses R


- Glue rose petals on the poster.


R- Rectangle


- Glue rectangles on the Rr Poster.


R-Red Pom Pom

Red Pom Poms:

- Glue on red pom poms.  If you have an assortment of pom pom colors, the activity of picking out only the red pom poms becomes a great fine motor and visual perception/sorting activity.




Find pictures of refrigerators in the newspaper ads.  Cut and glue the pictures on the Rr Poster.




Additional Rr Poster Ideas:

- Raindrops Print the Raindrops printable and glue the shapes onto the Rr Poster.

- Decorate with ribbon, rice, or rocks.

- Create rainbows
(See several ideas on Noah's Ark )

- Rip red paper

Rr Activities:

- Paint rocks

Rr Computer Activities:

Starfall Rr Computer Activity

Rr Books:

My R Book My "R" Book -  by Jane Belk Moncure - Be sure to use the phonetic sound of the letter and not the letter name when reading the book. When we come to a letter, I have my child read the phonetic sound of each letter.

Runaway Bunny The Runaway Bunny

The Little Red Hen The Little Red Hen


The Rainbow Fish

The Runaway Pumpkin

Red Red Red Red Red Red

Harry the Dirty Dog Harry, the Dirty Dog - The /r/ sound in the middle of a word.

Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth

The Little Red Caboose

Rr Snacks and Foods:

- Rice (add red food coloring to make it red rice)
- Rice Crispies or rice crispy bars
- Red grapes or apples, raisins, raspberries



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