My B Book My Six Book

We were introduced to the My First Steps to Reading  and My First Steps to Math  books by our librarian. The author, Jane Belk Moncure, introduces every letter and number individually in a book.  Filled with phonics and fun, my children choose these books first during our free reading time.

These two series by Jane Moncure are the best books which I have found for teaching numbers, letter, and phonetic sounds. I used these books to introduce the letter and number of the week to my children. Sadly these books are no longer in print, but I encourage you to search for these books at your library, on Amazon or Ebay, and in used book stores.  Most libraries should also carry these books.  To clear up any confusion, I have seen the individual books titled My a Book as well as My a Sound Box. The "Sound Box" books are library editions but exactly the same as the other books.

As you read these books, use the phonetic sound of the letter and not the letter name. After several readings, invite the child to read the phonetic sound of each letter.

And when you graduate from the My First Steps books, you may enjoy these:

  Animal Antics A to Z by Barbara deRubertis

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