Craft Stick Airplane 
Paint three craft sticks.  Using one stick as the plane’s body, glue one stick towards the top of the main stick making it perpendicular to the body of the plane.  Cut the third stick, 3/4’s the size and glue towards the back of the stick to create an airplane.  Decorate.  

Toilet Paper Roll Airplane
Provide the child with a toilet paper roll, construction paper, scissors, and glue.  Allow the child to create an airplane.  Unless the child asks for help, allow the child to do the craft on her own.  Hang the airplane up with a piece of string.

Lego Airplane
Legos make great airplanes.  See how many sizes and shapes of airplanes that you can come up with.

Take an Airplane Trip
Line up chairs to create an airplane cabin.  Fly the child to a farm and discuss the various things that you would see if you flew over a farm.  Fly over a zoo, city, etc.  Take turns flying the airplane and talk about the various views from above.