Activities to help you develop a heart of gratitude in your family or classroom.

The following ideas and worksheets are available for immediate family, home use or with an active License ONLY.  Thank you for your honesty.

Thanksgiving Activity Workbook

Thanksgiving Gratitude Workbook

New Updates:  Lead your children or students to develop a thankful heart with the 50-page Thanksgiving Gratitude Workbook, 3rd Edition. Now with options for preschool and elementary-aged children, feel confident in using the age-appropriate scripts to lead the activities.  Based on Psalm 100, teach your child or students the importance of praise through a storyboard, crafts, songs, and activities. Beginning in Week 3, create a Thanksgiving Tree to develop an ongoing list of praises. Newly added are Group Activities to do as a family or classroom.  All worksheets and ideas are included in the 4-week printable.  

Thanksgiving Table Cloth

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Using the same tablecloth each year and permanent fabric markers, invite your family to write or draw something they are thankful for that year.  Be sure to date the writing for future reference.   

Attitude of Graditute

Attitude of Gratitude

Print the Attitude of Gratitude poster (one for each child or person in the family). Hold a family meeting and discuss with the children what it means to have an attitude of gratitude. Give each child an "Attitude of Gratitude" poster and have the child write his name on the dotted line on the poster.

Explain that every time he expresses something that shows a grateful heart and spirit he will be allowed to place a sticker on the chart. At the end of the month, reward each child with something special to show how important it is to you that he is learning to have a grateful heart.


Basket of Thanks

Prepare a " Baskets of Thanks" containing goodies for people whom you are thankful.  Include a note of thanks.  Specific ideas and details are provided in the Thanksgiving Activity Workbook.

Lacing Football Worksheet

Football Lacing Card

Print the Lacing Football printable on cardstock.  Color and cut out the football.  Punch holes for the child to lace. 

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