ABCJLM Activities:

- Train Philippians 4:13 Craft Sheet ( Reprinted with Permission.  Thank you to Betsy for this idea. )
Wagon Wheel Pasta Painting Glue wagon wheel pasta onto the end of a cylinder container (narrow spice container or cork), one for every color.  Dip the pasta into paint and decorate the train printable.

- Build a Train Print the Build a Train printable.  Have the child color and cut out the shapes.  Instruct the child to build a train using the shapes.

- Egg Carton Train Egg Carton Train - Cut a paper egg carton to make a single line of containers. Turn upside down and paint each container (the first container black and last container red). Cut a single egg carton container and paint it black.  Glue the single container right side up on top of the black colored container on the train.  Glue cotton balls in the single container.  Cut and glue on two narrow black stripes and circles to create the wheels on the train.

- Make marshmallow trains. (Original Source Unknown)
Use pretzel sticks to hook the large marshmallow "cars" together.  Use peanut butter or frosting to glue cheerios or M&M's on as wheels and other features.

- Take a Train Trip:
Line up chairs to create a train.  Gather various activities from this week's Lesson Plan.  Have the train passengers help the train get moving by placing arms at 90 degree angles and chugging in circles like train wheels.  Start slow and gradually get faster (accelerando).   "Notice" something and begin to gradually slow down the train (ritardando).  Do an activity.  Get back on the train and continue on the trip.  Take turns conducting the train, stopping along the way.

- Railroad Safety:
Stop, Look, and Listen! - Point out railroad crossing signs.
Never play on or near railroad tracks.


- "Little Choo-Choo Train" Action Song (Traditional)
Here’s a little choo-choo train, chugging down the track (place arms at 90 degree angles and chug in circles like train wheels)
Now it goes forward, and now it goes back. (motion arms like wheels moving forward, then back)
Listen to the bell ring…ding ding ding ding ding! (cup ear, motion as if pulling bell rope)
Hear the whistle blow....whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo! (cup ear, cup mouth with hands and make whoo, whoo sounds)
What a lot of noise it makes, everywhere it goes! (cover ears and chug arms)

- Traditional Train Songs:
"I've Been Working on the Railroad"
"Down by the Station"
"Little Red Caboose"


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