Children reading the Bible together.

Helping a child embrace Jesus as their Savior brings great joy to a parent or teacher. It's a pivotal moment where, with child-like faith, the child acknowledges his or her sins and seeks forgiveness. Indeed, there's no greater celebration than when a lost soul finds its way to Jesus. It's a day worth cherishing and commemorating year after year. Here are a few of my favorite ways explain salvation and celebrate this special occasion.

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Ideas to Explain Salvation to Children

Wordless Book


The Wordless Book is used the last weeks of the 4 and 5 Year Curricula.  Using simple terms, this plan is written to give you exact words to use when talking to a child. Also read the ABC's of Salvation.

A Heart for Jesus

A Heart for Jesus by Juanita Bynum is a book that specifically explains in childlike terms what it means to "give your heart to Jesus."  The book contains a prayer for a child to pray to ask Jesus to make their hearts new and clean. 

The Jesus Book

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins explains the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Jesus.  Answered are questions such as "Why did Jesus die on the cross for me?" and "How do we receive eternal life?"

I Believe in Jesus

I Believe In Jesus: Leading Your Child To Christ by John McArthur tells the story of God's plan of salvation from creation through the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

A Warrior Prince for God

A Warrior Prince for God is a captivating tale that follows Luke's journey from facing playground bullies to confronting spiritual challenges with courage. Through vivid dreams and encounters with a wise mentor, Luke learns the timeless lessons of faith, bravery, and standing firm in his beliefs. With rich Biblical truths woven throughout, this engaging book is perfect for children aged six and above, offering not just an entertaining story but also valuable lessons on becoming strong and resilient warriors for God.

This is the book I used with our boys and led Little Man to salvation.  Read more...

Princess with a Purpose™

Princess with a Purpose mirrors the engaging storytelling of A Warrior Prince for God, offering young girls a captivating narrative about a girl's journey to becoming a true princess.

Through her experiences at Princess Prep School, she learns that true beauty emanates from within, from a heart filled with love for her King and others. With its heartfelt message and relatable lessons, this book, complete with verses and a salvation prayer, is a delightful read for young princesses, emphasizing the importance of inner beauty and faith.  Read more...

If you have questions about beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please email me.  I don't know all of the answers, but I would love to explain how easy it is to bridge the gap between you and God. 

If you decide to accept Jesus' free gift of eternal life, please let me know. I would love to know that you made this decision and rejoice in your salvation with my new brother or sister in Christ.  Your name will not be posted in anyway. 


Print a Free Salvation Certificate

Print a Salvation Certificate or Certificate of Adoption to hang on the wall declaring the day that your child or student became part of God's family!  Add the date and the child's name on the lines on the poster.

Salvation Certificate Colorful Salvation Certificate:  Aqua or Blue

Salvation Certificate Cross/Heart Certificate:  Purple or Pink

Salvation Certificate  Add a Picture Certificate:  Pink or Blue

Certificate of Adoption  Cross Certificate of Adoption

Certificate of Adoption  Shading Cross:  Mauve or Blue

Salvation Certificate Heart Salvation Certificate:  Red or Blue

Salvation Certificate  Crosses:  Blue or Red

Salvation Certificate  Three Crosses:  Pink or Purple

Salvation Certificate Heart Salvation Certificate

Salvation Certificate  Crosses on the Left:  Light Blue or Green

Salvation Certificate  Single Cross:  Orange or Red


Celebrate a Child's Salvation with a Birthday Party

Children cherish their birthdays, and we go to great lengths to make these occasions special. Similarly, we celebrate our children's salvation birth date. This entails brownies with candles during supper. Our children also anticipating an encouraging letter, often accompanied by a meaningful "gift," arriving in the mail from their grandparents.

Notice that I said meaningful "gift."

These gifts always align with the theme of the letter, which includes a Bible verse and encouragement for the year ahead. They're usually free, used, or extremely affordable items. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Soap Dispenser – Verses about a clean heart
  • Rock with a Bible verse painted on it
  • Cleats, Shoes, Boots – Walk with God
  • Children’s Bible or Bible Cover
  • Flashlight – Psalm 119:105, Isaiah 60:20
  • Large Magnet – Stick close to God

  • Children’s Bible Study or Devo
  • Compass – The Bible is a guide for our lives
  • Cross – Reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice
  • Deck of Cards – Ace (There is 1 God)
         2 (Two parts of the Bible – Old and New Testament)
         3 (Trinity), etc.
  • Bracelet – Fish charms, Gold (Psalm 19:10)
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers – Salt of the earth
  • Christian Book (Ideas for Girls)

  • Toothpaste – Power of words and how you can’t put them back once they are spoken, just like you can’t easily put toothpaste bag in the tube (Ephesians 4:32)
  • Shooting Target – Focus on the target
  • Arrow – Proverbs 3:6, Psalm 91:5
  • M&M’s or JellyBeans – Add a Wordless Book Card
  • Lifesavers Candy – Romans 10:9
  • Puzzle – Jeremiah 29:11, God has a plan for your life


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The ABC's of Salvation

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