Getting Started:  Family Use

Question #2:  Which learning are you most interested in?


Comprehensive Curricula: I am interested in a research-based, kindergarten-preparing curricula that teach academics, Bible, handwriting, pre-reading, and development for my child(ren) who is ages 1 to 5.  

All the Learning

Jesus Loves Me

Bible:  I am interested in fun, age-appropriate, Bible curricula and products to teach my child(ren) who is ages birth to 10.

Only Bible

ABCJesusLovesMe Crayon

Focused Products:  I am interested in a focused Handwriting or Visual Perception curriculum.  Or, I desire tools to build academic and pre-reading skills, keep Jesus the center of holidays, or provide learning on family road trips.

I want to focus


Being Intentional: I desire to be the best I can be and would like to learn more about Biblical discipline and intentional planning, gain training, and growing spiritually.

It STarts With me


green crayonFamily Use Review

I love ABCJesusLovesMe. It’s so flexible and sooooo easy to do! You really won’t feel like you’re “teaching.” It feels like you’re spending meaningful, quality time with your child. I held off for two years with my first child because I thought it would be impossible to do while I worked full time, but now using the 2 Year Curriculum with my second child, I wish I had used it with my first son. Go for it! You won’t regret it! --Evamarie on Facebook