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Which Curriculum Do I Choose? 

While they look similar, there is a big difference between each of the 5 ABCJLM Curricula. Follow the recommended guidelines in the table below to decide which is best for your child or students 

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When I first started [using ABCJLM] 5 years ago, I printed everything! Then I started purchasing the books. I won't go back to the old way! The Lesson Plans Book and Workbook are incredible. I am so pleased and impressed with the professional look and quality. Having everything at my fingertips is awesome, so the worth it.!   ---Linda on Facebook

Unless the child has delays or is close to a birthday, I suggest that you begin with the age-appropriate curriculum (i.e. a 3-year-old child use the 3 Year Curriculum). No matter which curriculum you choose, begin on Week 1 since each of the curricula builds upon themselves.


The 4 Year Curriculum prepares a child for kindergarten. The 5 Year Curriculum is for those children who are ready for kindergarten level work, but missed the cutoff due to their birthday or are red-shirted.  Only use the 5 Year Curriculum is the child is able to write almost all letters and numbers without much assistance.  

For children who are halfway between birthdays, I encourage you to compare the Objectives learned in each curriculum.  Use the  Objective Checklist to determine what the child currently knows.  I recommend the child know at least 75% of each section of the Objective Checklist before moving to the next curriculum. If your child seems to be in between two different curricula, fall back to the curriculum that is a step below.  

  Age Years until Kindergarten Child Can: Notes:

1 Year Curriculum


4 or 5

The child is not talking very much.  This curriculum is an introduction to learning the Bible and academic concepts.  Retention is not expected.

2 Year Curriculum


3 or 4

Child is talking, walking, and can sit quietly and listen for a few minutes. This curriculum is an introduction to learning the Bible and academic concepts.  Retention is not expected.

3 Year Curriculum


2 or 3

Count to 10, Say ABC's, help with basic chores, can perform basic self-care, knows names of family members, knows basic Bible songs and stories, has the fine/gross motor strength and maturity to learn to correctly trace letters and numbers. Note from Heidi:  Even if a 2-year-old knows several of these academic objectives, I only suggest the 3 Year Curriculum for children 2 3/4 years and older.  

4 Year Curriculum


1 or 2

Name and say phonetic sounds of letters, write name, trace all letters and numbers, colors and shapes, demonstrate spatial concepts, sort, patterns, knows basic Bible stories, sing Bible songs, quote a few Bible verses Note from Heidi: This curriculum is especially important for children who are starting kindergarten soon.

5 Year Curriculum


1 or may be used as a Kindergarten Curriculum

Write all letters and numbers; understands the phonetic meaning of letters; understands basic Bible stories; knows full name, address, and phone number; use the phone and call 911; is ready for basic sight words and may be ready to begin reading; has a greater attention span

This curriculum was written for children who are more advanced or are "redshirting" kindergarten due to their birth date, maturity, or other issue.

Advice from Others:

I am starting the 3 Year Curriculum this Fall with my son. He already knows a lot that the 3 yr curriculum will cover (uppercase letters, shapes, colors, most letter sounds) but not all of it (some lowercase letters, some letter sounds, tracing letters). However, rather than jumping ahead to the 4 yr curriculum I am focused on giving him a good foundation and grasp on these basics. So here is my advice...  If your child seems to be in between two different curricula fall back to the one that is a step below. This way a solid foundation will be built, rather than a year of constant challenges and struggles which might lead to frustration.  ~~Ashley

I am in the same situation as Ashley and I agree with her. This is not just in the academic aspect but also in the Bible learning side.  ~~Cherry