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Complete 3 Year Curriculum

Lessons:  36 to cover 9-12 months of learning

Target Age:  3 to 4 Years 

Comprehensive Learning:   

  • Academics
  • Bible
  • Development (Fine and Gross Motor)
  • Music
  • Pre-Reading
  • Pre-Writing
  • Self-care  


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green crayonMy daycare teachers love your program. I met with all 7 teachers, and each sang your praise. It is age appropriate. The children like the lessons. The children are growing academically. One teacher said that she would be lost without it.  --Julie

Thank you for blessing us with this wonderfully put together, creative and engaging curriculum. ...It has made a huge difference for us.  My girls eagerly look forward to and ask about Bible and learning time every day, and I have loved being able to teach them and see them learn.  --Gretchen

Learning in the 3 Year Curriculum

Academic Learning

Academically, a 3-year-old learns the following in the 3 Year Curriculum:

  • Colors
  • Letter of the Week
  • Numbers
  • Basic math skills, including shapes, sorting, spatial concepts, and patterns 
  • Pre-writing through tactile letters and numbers. 

A "Book of the Week" introduces the child to some of the best preschool books in print.  

Bible Learning

The Complete 3 Year Curriculum consists of:

  • A study of the key stories in the Bible
  • Memory verses, songs, and fingerplays to support each Bible story.
  • Interactive Bible Stories to involve the child in the learning.

Developmental Learning

Development and self-care are important parts of the 3 Year Curriculum.  This includes:

  • Rhymes and poems to develop the child's pre-reading skills
  • Weekly activities to improve fine and gross motor skills, which are crucial to pre-writing.
  • Activities that guide a child to write his/her name by the end of the curriculum.

Products in the 3 Year Curriculum

3 Year Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide

The over 100-page 3 Year Curriculum Guide details 36 Lesson Plans in the Complete 3 Year Curriculum. It also includes the Curriculum's Scope and Sequence, and the Daily Schedule, which divides focused activities of each Lesson Plan into a 5-day guide.

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3 Year Workbook


These 100 landscape-oriented worksheets further the child's learning in: 

  • Letters and Number Posters
  • Bible Activity Sheets
  • Objective Checklist
  • Other activities throughout the curriculum.

Worksheets printed in color include:

  • Pre-Writing Worksheets
  • First and Last Day of School posters
  • Objectives Poster

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 3 Year Bible Stories

Interactive Bible Stories

The 3 Year Interactive Bible Stories contain age-appropriate, interactive Bible scripts for all the Bible stories in the 3 Year Curriculum. Use weekly comprehension questions for further engagement.   Optional flannelgraph suggestions included.

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3 Year Poem Cards

Poem Packet

This digital download comprises poster and travel-sized cards for the 28 poems included in the 3 Year Curriculum.



3 Year Bible Songs

Bible Song Packet

This digital download is comprised of poster and travel-sized cards for 26 Bible Songs and the New Testament Books of the Bible Song.



3 Year Bible Songs

Memory Verse Packet

This digital download is comprised of double-sided poster and travel-sized cards for the 22 memory verses included in the 3 Year Curriculum.  Verses also available in King James Version



Color Song Packet

Color Song Packet

Further the learning of colors with exciting color songs in the 3 Year Curriculum.



Shape Packet

Shape Song Packet

Because children learn through music and repetition, Shape Songs provide a fun way to teach the eight shapes introduced in the 3 Year Curriculum.


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