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Items Needed:

Worksheets:  Lamb Mask, Ladybug, Square and Rectangle
Books:  Bible, Pat the Bunny
Activities: Play dough, paint, popped popcorn, fingerpaint, craft stick, packing tape, zip-top bag, paper plate, cotton balls, scissors, shape cookie cutters, glue



Bible Theme: Jesus is My Shepherd
Lesson: My Shepherd Forgives Me

Bible Story: Psalm 23  (The Complete 2 Year Curriculum covers a different story.)
Read & Share Toddler Bible
ABCJLM Interactive Bible Stories

Verse: Psalm 23:1 - The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
Tune:  Are You Sleeping
The Lord is my Shepherd; (repeat)
I shall not want. (repeat)
The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.
Psalm 23:1 (repeat)

Bible Song: Jesus Loves the Little Children (Traditional)
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world.

Poem: Jack Be Nimble (Traditional)
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack jump over the candlestick.

Colors :  Black, Red
Shapes :  Square, Rectangle
Letters: T-V
Numbers: 1-6
Information :  Dad's name
Self-care :  Say "Please," "Thank You," and "You are Welcome"

Book of the Week:
Pat the Bunny Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

Fine Motor Skill: 
Cookies Cutters
Gross Motor Skill: Simon Says


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- Sins are the bad choices we make that don't honor Jesus (or make Jesus happy).  Use an Etch-a-Sketch or make one to demonstrate how God erases our sins when we ask for forgiveness.  In a ziptop bag add red fingerpaint (you may also add glitter).  Seal the seams with clear packing tape.  Mix together.   With the bag sitting on a solid surface, use a craft stick to "draw" on the bag.  As you draw, discuss sins like whining, throwing a fit, or hitting.  Explain that if we ask Jesus to forgive us, He erases our sins and remembers them no more.  (Flatten to the bag to erase.)

- Lamb Handprint Make a lamb handprint by painting the palm and fingers of the hand black.  Press down on a piece of paper with the fingers parallel and the thumb outstretched.  Glue cotton balls on the palm and part of the fingers.  Add eyes, a mouth, and ears on the thumb for the lamb's face.  Add the title "My Shepherd Forgives Me."

- Make a Lamb Mask by cutting out the lamb and gluing it on a paper plate.  Glue popped popcorn on the “wool” part of the picture between the ears.  Tape or glue on a large craft stick to the back of the paper plate.

• Colors:
Ladybug Worksheet Color the Ladybug worksheet using red and black.

• Shape:
- Play Dough Roll red play dough into "snakes" and place on the short sizes of the square and rectangle on the Square and Rectangle worksheet. With black play dough, create "snakes" for the long sides.  Compare the long and short sides. 

• Number:
Using the Apple Tree Number Book, point and count the apples on the trees.  Continue to point and count items you find throughout the day.

• Book of the Week:
- This book uses many senses.  Talk about touch, smell, see, taste, and hear.
- Talk about the different textures.  Transfer this to other things throughout the day.

• Fine Motor Skill:
Play Dough Use cookie cutters with play dough, finger Jello, or cookie dough to make a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and star.  Use black and red dough and Jello.

• Gross Motor Skill:
Play "Simon Says" using different gross motor movements and activities

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