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Items Needed:

Worksheets: Bible, Candle, White Worksheet, Heart (2x)
Books: Bible, Where's Spot?
Activities:  Stuffed animal, stickers, white colored food, clicking timer, flashlight, glitter, paintjumbo paintbrush, toilet paper roll, pipe cleaner, doll or stuffed animal, shaving cream, glue, scissors



Bible Theme: Special Times with God
Lesson: The Bible is Special

Bible Story: Bible
Read & Share Toddler Bible
ABCJLM Interactive Bible Stories

Verse: I Thessalonians 5:17 - Pray without ceasing.  (Explain that ceasing means stopping.)
Tune: Hot Cross Buns
Pray without ceasing,  (Hands praying, one hand moves out to show "stop.")
Pray without ceasing,  (Hands praying, one hand moves out to show "stop.")
I Thessalonians (Form book with hands)
5:17  (Five fingers)

Bible Song: Pat the Bible (Original Source Unknown)
Tune:  Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Pat, pat, pat the Bible
God wants us to know
That it is a special book
And He loves us so

Poem: Humpty Dumpty (Traditional)
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!

Color : White
Shape :  Heart
Letters: W-X
Numbers: 1-7
Information :  Siblings' Names
Self-care and Manners :  Meeting New People - "My name is..."

Book of the Week:
Where's Spot? Where's Spot? by Eric Hill

Fine Motor Skill:  Stickers
Gross Motor Skill:  Catch Stuffed Animal


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- Special Times with God  For next few weeks, the child will learn about special times with God.  Collect all of the activities and crafts to form a "Special Times with God" book.  At the end of the study, a cover worksheet will be provided to bind the pages together. 

- The Bible is God's Word and He gave it to us so that we can learn about Him and His love for us.  One way we can spend time with God is reading the Bible. During Bible time this week, read the child's favorite Bible stories. 

- With a jumbo paint brush, paint with water the Bible worksheet.

- Candle Bobble Head Create a Candle Bobble Head by cutting out the Candle worksheet.  Separate the candle and the light and either color or use as a template to cut out each piece on colored paper.  Cover a toilet paper roll with white paper.  Glue the candle to the roll.  Fold a long black pipecleaner in half and stick it inside a toilet paper roll.  Tape the light of the candle to one end.   Fold the other end of the pipecleaner into the roll.  When you wiggle the candle the light should "bobble."  Use this craft while singing "This Little Light of Mine."  Let the child blow the light during the verse "Don't let Satan blow it out...."
- Flashlight God's Word is a "lamp to my feet and a light to my path" (Ps. 119:105).  Because we do not know what is right and we do not know what is ahead, we need God's Word to tell us what to do.  To illustrate this, at night turn off all of the lights.  Try to walk around the house and dramatically run into objects.  Half way through turn on a flashlight and discuss how it illuminates objects so you know what path to take.  Explains how God's Word is like a flashlight.

- Click for more "The Bible is Special" ideas...

• Color:
- White Snowman Fingerpaint one of the ABCJLM White Worksheets with equal parts of shaving cream and glue.

- Eat white food:  Marshmallows, hard-boiled eggs, milk, white chocolate chips, sugar cookies, white bread, potatoes, sugar

- Do a Color Walk: Walk around the house or neighborhood looking for the color white.

• Shape:
- White Heart Color, paint, or draw on the Heart worksheet using the color white.

- Heart Song - Make a heart with your hands as you sing.
Tune:  There's a Hole in the Bucket
A heart is so special, so special, so special
With two humps and a point it shows love to all.

- Do a Shape Walk: Walk around the house or neighborhood looking for hearts.

• Self-care and Manners:
It is important to teach children manners before they get in a situation that requires manners to be demonstrated.  The next four weeks focus on meeting new people.  Help the child clearly say "My name is..." so that people can understand them.  Role play with dolls or stuffed animals.

• Book of the Week:
- Play hide-and-seek.

- Hide a clicking timer and try to find it before the timer goes off.

- Ask "What is behind the ____?" after lifting the flap.  Once the child has been read the story several times, ask the question before opening the flap.

• Fine Motor Skill:
Place the Heart worksheet on a vertical surface.  Place various stickers on the paper.  If possible add stickers that correspond with the rest of the week's learning:  white, hearts, Bible stickers.

• Gross Motor Skill:
Play catch with a stuffed animal.

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