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Items Needed:

Tactile Number and Letters:  7, Jj, child's name
Worksheet: Drawing Straight Lines, My Listening Ears, Letter J, Number 7, Samuel Hears God
Books: Bible, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 
Games: Barrel of Monkeys 
Activities:  Countdown Chain supplies (see below), dot paints or cornsyrup and food coloring, fingerpaint



Bible Story: Samuel Listens to God
Scripture:  I Samuel 3
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes:  pg 152
The Beginner's Bible:  pg 160
My Story Bible pg 36-37
Through the Bible Felt:  Story #57

Comprehension Questions:
What were the names of the boy and the man in this story?
Who did Samuel think was calling him?
What did Eli tell Samuel to do?
Who was calling Samuel?

Verse: Psalm 85:8 - I will listen to what God the Lord says.
Tune:  Mary Had a Little Lamb
I will listen to what God says (cup hands to ears)
What God says, what God says (point up)
I will listen to what God says (cup hands to ear)
Psalm 85, verse 8 (form book with hands)

Bible Song: O Be Careful (Traditional) - YouTube
O be careful little eyes what you see (point to eyes)
O be careful little eyes what you see
For the Father up above (point up for Jesus)
Is looking down in love (put hand to eyes and look down)
O be careful little eyes what you see

Additional Verses:
…little hands what you do
…little feet where you go
…little ears what you hear
…little mouth what you say
…little mind what you think

Poem: 12 Months in a Year (Author unknown)
Tune of:  Twelve Little Indians
January, February, March, and April (put up one finger per month)
May, June, July, and August
September, October, November, December (close fist on "November" and "December")
These are the months of the year  (clap, clap, clap, clap).

Letters: Jj
J - hook, roof
j - hook, dot

Number :  7
Across the sky and down from heaven.  That’s the way to make a seven!

Name: Trace on tactile letters

Book of the Week:
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Various Authors

Fine Motor Skill:  Countdown Chain
Gross Motor Skill:  Memory Obstacle Course


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
-  Fingerpaint the Samuel Hears God worksheet.

- Listening Ears Cut out the My Listening Ears worksheet.  Staple to a 1" headband for the child to slip on his head.  (Image shared by Tiffany)

- Play Simon Says

• Letters:
- Introduce the letters Jj using the tactile letters and decorate the Letter Poster to add to the Letter of the Week book.

- Make sure your child does not add a vowel to the end of /j/ as in /juh/

- Discuss how 3 months of the year (January, June, & July) all have the /j/ sound at the beginning

- More Letter Jj ideas...

• Number:
- Number 7 Poster
This week decorate the Number 7 Poster with dot paints or outline the number with a black crayon and then paint with a mixture of corn syrup (very little needed), water, and food coloring.  Add seven stickers.

- Straight Line Worksheet  Up to this point the child has only been tracing letters and numbers on tactile surfaces.  To introduce the child to writing his name in a few weeks, begin teaching the child the four basic strokes of all letters and numbers.  This week focuses on drawing a straight line using the worksheet.  Place the child's pencil on the green dot and say "go."  Say "stop" when the child is to the red dot.   For more information about the unique ABCJLM Handwriting Process, read Learning to Write.

- Continue having the child trace the tactile letters in her name while saying the Letter Formation Chants.

• Book of the Week:
- Jump is a great /j/ word.
- As you say the words, do actions.  Kids love to yell and shake their finger "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
- Barrel of Monkeys Play the game Barrel of Monkeys.

•  Fine Motor Skills:
paper chain Create a Countdown Chain
Instructions: Choose a date to countdown to (i.e. birthday, vacation, family visiting, or Christmas) 

Supplies: Two colors of construction paper - cut into 1”x8” strips to make 12 and 13 strips of each color (totaling 25 strips - use more or less depending on countdown), glue, a marker, scissors

Directions: Write the numbers on the strips, alternating colors between numbers.
Link the colors together to form a chain using the glue.
Tear off a link each day (starting with the highest number).
Each day, count the links that are left.

•  Gross Motor Skills:
Create a Memory Obstacle Course using numbers 0-7.

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