Preschool child learning how to write.

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Almost every dollar store produces its own version of tracing worksheets.  And because of their popularity, many have the idea that this is the method children should use to learn to write.  But if you have ever tried the "worksheet" approach, you know it can be disastrous for everyone involved.  

While working alongside my son's Occupational Therapist, I learned that the key to handwriting is in the process and that each level is a building block for the next level. 

Welcome to a simple way to teach handwriting that builds confidence, not frustration.

Handwriting Absolutes

Handwriting is one of those topics that creates an array of emotions.  Even professionals don't agree on the procedure of teaching and practicing.  No matter which side of the fence you live there are two absolutes. 

1.  It is imperative that the child's fine and gross motor skills be to the level required to hold and control a broken crayon or short pencil.  If not, continue to work on fine motor activities (small muscle movement like in the fingers) and gross motor activities (core strength) to increase the child's motor control.

2.  The child's personality and development should drive the learning.  No matter how other children the same age are progressing, remember that the child you're teaching is unique and special.

3.  The process of teaching handwriting should always be a positive experience for a child. Make the learning fun and play-based.  If the child is fighting the learning, step back and assess why.  


The 5 Steps

The ABCJesusLovesMe Handwriting Curriculum involves five steps.  Each of these steps are provided in the Handwriting Curriculum and developed in the ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum at an age and developmentally-appropriate manner.

1.   Pre-Writing Worksheets - 2 & 3 Year Curricula & Handwriting Curriculum
2.  Tracing Worksheets - 3 Year CurriculumHandwriting Curriculum
3.  Progression Worksheet s - 4 Year CurriculumHandwriting Curriculum
4.  Handwriting Worksheets - 5 Year CurriculumHandwriting Curriculum
5.  Lined Worksheets - 5 Year Curriculum

Use the Preschool Curriculum if you would like to work at a gradual pace alongside academic and Bible learning.  Use the Handwriting Curriculum for a step-by-step, focused process of handwriting with detailed guidance and how-to videos (coming soon).

Pre-Writing Worksheets

Step #1 - Pre-Writing Worksheets

Did you know that all letters and numbers are made of four, simple movements?  I didn't either until I started teaching handwriting to my children.  Thus, it makes sense that being able to successfully follow a straight, diagonal, or circular line would be a requirement prior to teaching letter and numbers.

Learn more... Handwriting Step #1

Letter Sample

Step #2 - Tracing Worksheets

Tracing with his index finger provide a multi-sensory way for the child to learn letters and numbers: 

- sight: the child sees the letter or numbers
- touch: the child moves his index finger to form the letter or number
- hear: the child says the letter or number chant/rhyme while tracing it

Learn more...Handwriting Step #2

Progression Worksheets

Step #3 - Progression Worksheets

Once the child is able to correctly trace letters and numbers, it is time to place the characters on the classic tracing lines so she can practice keeping the letters and numbers uniform while using a short pencil.

Learn more...Handwriting Step #3

Handwriting Worksheets

Step #4 - Handwriting Worksheets

Step #4 provides opportunity for the child to write the letter or number while diving into phonics or 1:1 correlations, visual perception, creativity, and art.  All activities expected for kindergarten!

Learn more...Handwriting Step #4

Blank Handwriting Tracing Lines

Step #5 - Lined Worksheets

These worksheets use the same setup as the Letter and Number Progressions Worksheets with blue, green, and red lines. Start with the wider lines and progress to the small lines. 

Blank Tracing Line Worksheet - Wide
1" Blank Tracing Line Worksheet - Medium
3/4" Blank Tracing Line Worksheet - Narrow

**If all of the lines fail to print in color, print while using the free Firefox browser, as IE and Chrome do not always work correctly.

Additional Ideas:

Stetro Pencil Grip Stetro Grips successfully enforce a good pencil grasp when writing.  Click for more suggestions for proper pencil grasp.

  Dry Erase Pockets save paper as the child is learning to write.  Place the worksheet in the pocket and use a dry erase or vis-a-vis pens to reuse each worksheet. 


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