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Handwriting Step #4

Age:  5-7 Years

Using the gradually advancing process of the ABCJesusLovesMe Handwriting Curriculum prepares the child for more traditional Handwriting Worksheets.  Step #4 provides opportunity for the child to write the letter or number while diving into phonics or 1:1 correlations, visual perception, creativity, and art.  All activities expected for kindergarten!

Letter Handwriting Worksheets

Letter Worksheets

With a little guidance, a child can quickly begin using these worksheets with great success.  The child will be instructed:

  • Write his name
  • Write the capital and lowercase letters four times each.
  • Highlight the letter in written words (Visual Perception)
  • Find the letter in the alphabet
  • Draw two objects that begin with the letter

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Number Handwriting Worksheets

Number Worksheets

Prepare the child for kindergarten with the following activities:

  • Write the number four times
  • Highlight the number (Visual Perception)
  • Color boxes to represent the numbers
  • Count
  • Draw objects to represent the number

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It is imperative that the child can successful write the majority of letters and numbers prior to using these worksheets.  Some children will not be ready for the handwriting activities presented in this step.  That is okay.  

Solidify Handwriting Step #3 prior to using the Handwriting Worksheets.  Moving on will only frustrate everyone, develop bad habits, and cause negative association with writing.

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