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Items Needed:

Tactile Numbers and Letters: 1, 5, Zz
Books: How Will We Get to the Beach?
CD: Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol. 1
Worksheets: Bingo Cards, Letter Z
Activities: Children's Safety Scissors, cardstock, stretch glove, pompoms, craft ring or string, picnic, blocks or Legos



Bible Story: Wordless Book
Objective:  For the child to be able to tell the Wordless Book story by himself.

Verse: Acts 16:31 - Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.
Steve Green – Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol. 1 - #9

Bible Song: Awesome God - YouTube
Our God is an awesome God (point up, thumbs up, point up)
He reigns from heaven above (rain hands down, hands raised)
With wisdom, power, and love (point to head, show muscles, cross arms in front of body)
Our God is an awesome God (point up, thumbs up, point up)

Poem: Hands and Fingers (Author unknown)
Up and down
Round and round (draw circles in the air)
Put your fingers on the ground
Over (hold hands above lap)
Under (move hands below legs)
In between (you've hidden your hands in between your legs)
Now my fingers can't be seen!
Hands in front
Hands behind
Now my hands I cannot find
Here's my left hand
Here's my right
Hands and fingers back in sight (wriggle fingers)

Math: ABA Pattern

Letters: Zz
Z - roof, zag back, floor
z - roof, zag back, floor


Name: Write the 5th letter of your child's last name using 3" Letters.

Book of the Week:
How Will We Get to the Beach? How Will We Get to the Beach? by Brigitte Luciani

Fine Motor Skill:  Cutting
Gross Motor Skill:  Follow the Leader


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- The Wordless Book is a wonderful way to explain the Gospel to children.  Begin by create the color-only book (Fine Motor Skill activity) and then introduce the story to the child by asking, "Have you ever seen a book without words or pictures?   Even without words, this book tells us a story about God and the greatest gift of all."  Click to read the Wordless Book Story

Wordless Book Flannelgraph Wordless Book Flannelgraph Use Flannelgraph to Tell the Wordless Book.  Read more... 

- "Wordless Book" Song by Frances M. Johnston
Listen online (the last two lines are different in this YouTube video) and use a Wordless Book or Gospel Fuzzies Glove to show the colors as you sing.
(Black) My heart was dark with sin
until the Savior came in.
(Red) His precious blood I know
(White) Has washed it white as snow.
(Gold) And in His Word I'm told
I'll walk the streets of gold.
(Green) To grow in Christ each day
I read the Bible and pray.

- "Gospel Fuzzies" (Author Unknown)
Learn the tune and then change the words to match the Wordless Book.  Here is my example.
We're the Gospel Fuzzies (3x)
And we'll tell you the Good News.
Black means I'm a sinner (3x)
And I can't get in.
Red means Jesus died (3x)
And He rose again.
White means I'm forgiven (3x)
When I trust in Him.
Gold stands for Heaven (3x)
Where I want to go.
Green means I am growing (3x)
If I read and pray.

- "Gospel Fuzzies" Glove (Author Unknown)
Make a "Gospel Fuzzies" glove to match the Wordless Book.  Using a stretch glove, sew or glue a pompom to each finger representing the Wordless Book.  Wiggle the finger needed as you tell the story or sing the songs.  Or on a piece of paper trace around the child's hand and glue on the correct colored pompoms.  Point to the finger as you tell the story or sing the songs.

- More ABCJLM Wordless Book ideas...

- Unsure of how to become a Christian? Bridge of Life

• Math:
- Create towers of blocks or Legos with ABA patterns of shape or size.

• Letters and Numbers:
- Introduce the letters Zz using the tactile letters and decorate the Letter Poster to add to the Letter of the Week book.

- Play BIngo choosing the cards your child needs to focus on most. (Not included in the 3 Year Workbook; several options available to print through the Bingo link.)

- More Letter Zz ideas...

• Name:
Uppercase Letter Worksheets If the child is ready, introduce the fifth letter of her last name while saying the Letter Formation Chant.

• Book of the Week:
- Have your child figure out which item is missing.

- Sensory Tub - Fill a plastic container partway full of sand.  Hide small items in the sand and allow the child to find the little items.  For higher sensory practice, blindfold your child and have him figure out what is hidden.

- Take a picnic to the "beach."  Give your child clues as to what you will need for your picnic.  Enjoy a fun afternoon at the park or in your back yard.  Collect items to create ABA patterns.

• Fine Motor Skills:
scissors Making a Wordless Book.  Draw squares or rectangles on black, red, white, gold, and green cardstock.  Have the child cut the shapes. Punch a hole in the corner of each color and attach together with a craft ring or piece of string.  Help the child tell you the Wordless Book or use as you sing the song.

• Gross Motor Skills:
Play Follow the Leader with the leader creating ABA patterns.  (e.g. jump, spin, jump; arms up, arms down, arms up)

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