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Parent and Teacher Training

Join us for fun, informative, and empowering events where you will learn more about being intentional with the children in your life and flourishing where God has you. Or, invite Heidi to encourage and train your team.  


Wow oh wow! Heidi put on a fantastic conference!
Full of practical tools that you can immediately implement into your home. Heidi's presentation of her well-researched material was clear and organized.
...You will learn so much about parenting no matter how old your kids are. 
...If you get a chance, you must attend one of Heidi's Conferences! 


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"Heidi's breakout sessions at the Iowa NICHE Conference were great and so helpful. If you ever get a chance to go hear her speak in person do it!"   --Breanne

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Host an ABCJLM Parent/Teacher Event

Are you interested in me leading a conference or inservice for your staff or group?  Want to train your staff to more effectively teach children? She would love to work with you to create the event you desire. 


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Invite Heidi to Your Event

Have a conference or women's event that you would like Heidi to speak at?  Sounds like fun.  She will work with you to tailor an event for your audience.


My husband and I attended an ABCJLM conference.  Heidi did a wonderful job presenting on biblical discipline and how to teach little ones. It was so helpful to attend the conference together and be able to discuss what we learned. We learned very practical tools for disciplining and instructing our kids. I would highly recommend going to one of these conferences as a couple because it helps so much to be on the same page when disciplining and training our children. Plus, it was a fun get away weekend! ==Katie on Facebook