Adam and Eve

Objective: God Knows What is Best for Us


Adam & Eve Disobey Bible and Books

Genesis 3
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pg 20
The Beginner's Bible: pg 18
Through the Bible Felt:  pg 5-6


Adam & Eve Disobey Bible Verse

Psalm 34:13 - Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.
Steve Green - Hide 'Em in Your Heart Vol. 1 - #11


Adam & Eve Disobey Bible Songs and Poems

O Be Careful  Traditional 

O be careful little eyes what you see (point to eyes)
O be careful little eyes what you see
For the Father up above (point up for Jesus)
Is looking down in love (put hand to eyes and look down)
O be careful little eyes what you see

Additional Verses:
…little hands what you do
…little feet where you go
…little ears what you hear
…little mouth what you say
…little mind what you think


Adam & Eve Disobey Activity Sheet

Adam and Eve  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

- Glue green tissue paper squares on the bush and tree top, and brown tissue paper squares on the tree trunk.

- Use a dot marker to color the fruit.  Count the number of fruit on the tree.

- Glue short pieces of string on Adam and Eve's hair.


Adam & Eve Disobey Activities and Crafts

Apple Snake Craft Fruit Snake Craft
Wad up a piece of red tissues paper around a popsicle stick.  Add googly eyes to a pipecleaner.  Mostly hide the pipecleaner in the fruit.  With water downed glue, paint the tissue paper to hold together around the stick and pipecleaner.  Add a green leaf to the stick.  Discuss how the fruit is beautiful but God sees the whole picture (the hidden snake) and knows what is best for us.

Adam and Eve Apples Adam and Eve Fruit
Print the Adam and Eve Printable.  Cut and color the fruit.  Glue one fruit to each side of a popsicle stick so they match up.  On one fruit, add pompoms to make a worm.  Add googly eyes on the head.  Leave the other fruit plain.  Discuss how Adam and Eve saw only want they wanted to see (the beautiful fruit).  God saw the whole situation (the wormy side) and knew what was best for them.

Possible ending to the Bible Story 
"Even though this was a sad day, when the serpent lied and Adam and Eve disobeyed God, God already had a plan for helping them. His plan was to one day send His Son to Earth to take away sins and bring people back to God!" Thank you Tauna for this idea.

 Sneaky Snake Puppet Sneaky Snake Puppet
To tell the story of Adam and Eve, I created a sock puppet.  Pulling the end of the sock inward, place inside a red or black pipecleaner.  Then tape googly eyes on top of the sock.  While telling the story, allow the puppet to talk for the snake.  Be sure to over emphasize the "s" sound in words as he talks.


Adam & Eve Interactive Bible Story

Available in the Old Testament Curriculum and 3 Year Interactive Bible Stories


Our Out-of-Sync Life  Helpful Our Out-of-Sync Life Blog Posts

Stop the Lying:  A blog post answering the question "How to deal with preschoolers who lie."



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