I i Poster Ideas:

- Use a square sponge to make ice cubes and an igloo on the Ii Poster.

- Decorate the Ii Poster with pictures of various instruments or insects.

- Color with an ink pen.

- Painting with Ice - Print the Ii Poster on Watercolor Paper, color using watercolor pencils.  Give your child an ice cube to rub it on top of the color sheet to create a blending effect (Idea from Storytime and More)

I i Activities:

- Collect items for "My I Box" - Idea from My First Steps to Reading books

- Use sugar cubes to create an igloo.

I i Computer Activities:

Starfall Ii Computer Activity

I i Books:

My I Book My " I " Book -  by Jane Belk Moncure - Be sure to use the phonetic sound of the letter and not just the letter name when reading the book. When we come to a letter, I have my child read the phonetic sound of each letter.

The older edition of this book contains images that are not culturally appropriate.  Please choose a newer edition or find another option.  

The Little Red Caboose - Focus on the "short i" sound

Silly Sally Silly Sally - Focus on the "short i" sound

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Focus on the "short i" sound

Strawberry The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear - Any book using the word "little" or "big" to focus on the "short i" sound.

Ten Little Fish     Ten Little Fish - Focus on the "short i" sound

The Little Red Hen The Little Red Hen - Focus on the "short i" sound

i Snacks and Foods:

- Ice cream
- Ice




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