ABCJLM Movements and Ideas:
• Make actions simple
• Make activities interesting - sing or talk in big and little voice, faster and slower, softer and louder, add instruments
• Stop songs in the middle to repeat a hard line or action, talk about the meaning, or for whatever reason necessary to help the child learn it
• Take the nursery rhymes, finger plays, and songs very slowly at first and wait for the child to do the action before moving on
• Stop on rhyming words and have the child fill in word
• Count the number of times a word is in a song, rhyme, or finger play
• Sing throughout the day - just because the child is not singing out loud with you does not mean they are not singing in their head
• Make sure the child uses his or her pretty voice to sing - yelling is not singing
• Sometimes sing the songs or say the rhymes using different voices - high, low, big, small, etc.

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All nursery rhymes are "Traditional" unless otherwise noted.

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