Little boy drawing his family.
image by megan

Roll-a-Picture are fun games to play to incorporate fine motor skills, visual perception skills, taking turns, and family time!  Think Cooties with a pencil.  I've created several options to get you started!


Roll-a-Picture Directions:

1.  Give each person a piece of paper and a pencil.
2.  Roll to see who goes first.  Highest number plays first.
3.  First person rolls the dice and draws whatever picture goes with that number.
4.  Continue until someone has finished drawing the entire picture.


How to Play:

There are a couple of different options to play.
- Everyone must roll a certain number first to begin drawing the picture.  Starting with the center piece of the picture is easier for younger children.

- Start with any number and work on size and shape placement.

Roll-A-Snowman Game Roll-a-Snowman                Roll-a-Flower Game Roll-a-Flower

Roll-a-Valentine Game Roll-a-Valentine            Roll-a-Christmas Tree Game Roll-a-Christmas Tree

Roll-a-Butterfly Game Roll-a-Butterfly       RollaTurkey Roll-a-Turkey

Roll-a-You Roll-a-You               Roll-a-House Roll-a-House


Have another idea?  Let me know and I'd be happy to create it!

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