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Preschoolers love learning about the season.  The 4 and 5 Year Curricula contain activities to teach the characteristics, holidays, and activities of each season.  Here are a few ideas to begin.

All Seasons:

Spring Tree Summer Tree Fall Tree Winter Tree

4 Year Curriculum Activity:  Create a Four Seasons Wheel using the Four Seasons printables.  Post the finished tree on a wall in a circle adding pictures around it that depict the season.  Place the arrows moving between the seasons.  Also add names or pictures of people whose birthday are in the season.

Spring Tree Handprint Craft Summer Tree Handprint Craft Fall Tree Handprint Craft Winter Tree Handprint Craft

5 Year Curriculum Activity:
Tree - Paint the child's hand and arm brown.  Press down on a piece of paper.  Roll the arm a little to make the tree trunk bigger.   Allow to dry.  Can also draw around the child's arm and hand on brown paper and cut out.
Spring - Dip a fingertip into pink paint and press on the paper
Summer - Paint the hand green and press on the paper
Fall - Paint the hand orange and press.  Paint the hand yellow and press.  Paint the hand red and press.
Winter - Dip a fingertip into white paint mixed with a small amount of blue and press on the paper.

Cut Apart Seasons Printable Cut Apart Seasons Printable - Have the child cut on the dotted line and place in order the season trees.

Circle of Seasons  Create a Circle of Seasons using printables in the 4 Year Curriculum (Weeks 18, 20)

- Look through family scrapbooks and discuss the changes in clothing, grass, trees, and activities as the seasons change

Nature Poster Make Nature Poster - Walk around the neighborhood or park collecting different items from nature.  Back at home, create a poster and glue items on.  Add the title "Our Nature Walk" on the poster.  Allow to dry.




Months – March, April, May
Holidays – Easter, Mother’s Day, family birthdays
Weather – Cool, rain
Clothing – Jackets, long sleeve, jeans
Plants – Trees and plants begin to bud, grass turns green, plant garden and new flowers
Animals – Baby animals are born
Activities – Flying kites

K is for Kite K is for Kite: God's Springtime Alphabet

Spring Patterns Spring Patterns - Create patterns using the Spring Images.

Spring Poem
by Idalee Vonk

The birds are singing
From above
They tell us of
God's wonderous love.


Months – June, July, August
Holidays – Father’s Day, July 4th, family birthdays
Weather – Warm, storms, sunny
Clothing – Shorts, t-shirts, sandals
Plants – Growth, new fruit and vegetables
Activities – Swim, picnics

F Is for Fireflies: God's Summertime Alphabet

Summer Poem
by Idalee Vonk

Flowers are blooming
Summer is here
Just dropping in 
To bring you some cheer



Months – September, October, November
Holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, family birthdays
Weather - Cool
Clothing – Jackets, long sleeve, jeans
Plants  The trees' leaves turn colors and fall off, harvest apples
Animals – Migrate, collect food, hibernate

Fall Apples Paint Fall Apples - Take a field trip to the grocery store or an apple orcherd and discuss the different colors of apples.  Compare and contrast the tastes.

P Is for Pumpkin: God's Harvest Alphabet



Months – December, January, February
Holidays – Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Family Birthdays
Weather – Cold, snow, ice
Clothing – Winter coats, gloves, hats, sweaters
Plants – Trees are without leaves, plants are brown
Activities – Sledding, caroling, snowball fights

  S Is for Snowman: God's Wintertime Alphabet


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