Fun color activities, songs, and crafts are used in the five ABCJLM Curricula to aid in the learning of colors as well as improve fine motor skills through craft activities.



Ideas to Teach Colors:

- "Shine a flashlight on something ___" (choose color).

- Color Hand Print   Create Handprint Flashcards to help the child learn his/her colors. (Thank you to Arielle for the idea and image above.)

• Flies Swatter Game to Teach Colors SWAT!
Place a few different items on table (sight words, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, whatever you're working on) then give the kids a *clean* fly swatter , call out an item and they get to hit it! I tried playing with both my boys together but it was better doing it individually at their age. Keep those over zealous swatters in line with rules like "swatters UP!" when they found their target and then only let them hit it one time and hold it there for a second.  Idea from Jen.

•  Play a fishing game with colored fish.

•  Use UNO Cards - focus on the colors by playing various games.

•  Name the color of a block each time used to build something.

•  My Color Books - Each book contains a title, a place for the child to declare authorship (write their name), four sentences and pictures to match, and the words "The End."  All of the sentences follow the "A/An/The ______ is _______."  The pictures guide the child in reading the book.  The books are created so that you can print them front and back and have six total pages per book.


Color Flashcards Ideas:

Color Flashcards Color Flashcards - be sure to print in color

- Use the flashcards while doing the Color Walk activity used in the 2 Year Curriculum

- Print two copies of the color flashcards and play Memory

- Make four copies and play Go Fish

- Play hide and seek

- Mix with the Shape Flashcards for added learning

Each of the single Color Idea Pages contain specific ideas:  color sheets, books, snacks and food, computer activities


Computer Activities to Teach Colors:

Bloople's Colors - This computer game is more advanced but very good for preschoolers.
Sort the Colors - Sort objects by their colors.


Individual Color Learning:

Click to discover colors songs, activities, worksheets, and learning for individual colors.

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