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  • Easter Activity Workbook Example
  • Easter Activity Workbook Example

Easter Activity Workbook

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Are you ready to take the confusion out of Easter and transform it into an impactful experience for your little ones? Let the Easter Activity Workbook guide your way! Carefully designed to captivate young minds and hearts with simple activities to count down to the excitement of Jesus' resurrection.

🌟 Take the Confusion Out of Easter
Designed to captivate young hearts and minds, this activity book removes the confusion of the passion week providing a countdown to the resurrection and guiding children to the cross to help them grasp the profound salvation it represents.

📚 Seven Enlightening Lessons
This Workbook is packed with 7 thoughtfully crafted lessons, designed to make Easter more than just a story but an experience that brings your child or students closer to our Savior.

🍪 Baking, Crafts, Coloring, and Science
Engage your child or students in a variety of hands-on activities, including baking, creative crafts, captivating coloring pages, and fascinating science experiments, all centered around the Passion Week. These activities not only teach but also ensure that learning is a joyful adventure.

🙏 Connecting with the Bible
We understand that Easter is more than just a story; it's about knowing our Savior. Each lesson includes activities, a memory verse, a Bible song, and fun learning experiences to help your child truly understand the essence of Easter.

🕊️ The Surprise Cross Activity
The entire family will cherish the surprise cross activity included in each lesson. It's a powerful way to bring the Easter message home and create meaningful memories.

🌿 Flexible Learning:
Whether you choose to begin on Palm Sunday and follow one lesson per weekday or spread it out over several weeks, our workbook provides a flexible approach to fit your schedule and make Easter an unforgettable learning journey.

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Don't let Easter pass by unnoticed. Make it a time of discovery, understanding, and celebration with our Easter Activity Workbook, 2nd Edition. Equip your children with the knowledge and connection to our Savior that will last a lifetime. Get ready to embark on a faith-filled adventure this Easter!

ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum  This Easter Activity Workbook will be a blessing to you and your little ones. It will deepen their understanding of what Jesus did for them. This moves them beyond egg hunts and bunnies, and points them to Jesus and His victorious resurrection. This is a keeper!  --Kim



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The Easter Activity Workbook, 2nd Edition, is designed to make Easter an enlightening and enjoyable experience for young children. It offers 7 lessons that guide children through the Passion Week with hands-on activities, baking, crafts, coloring, and science experiments, all while connecting them with the Bible and emphasizing the significance of Easter. The workbook provides a flexible approach to fit your schedule and make Easter a meaningful learning journey for children.

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