• Pumpkin Gospel:  Elementary
  • Pumpkin Gospel:  Elementary
  • Pumpkin Gospel:  Elementary

Pumpkin Gospel: Elementary

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  • Pumpkin Gospel Packet:  Elementary Edition


Introducing the "Pumpkin Gospel Packet: Elementary Edition" - an Exciting Fall Learning Adventure for Kids!

Are you seeking a gospel-centered method to connect with your kids or students while shining a light this Halloween season? Your search ends here! I'm delighted to offer a charming digital download created to help parents and teachers share the Good News while enjoying the creative activity of pumpkin carving.

What's Included:

Pumpkin Interactive Script: The detailed script gives you the perfect words to engage school-aged kids while carving pumpkins and sharing the gospel message.

Pumpkin Creative Crafts: Enjoy a hands-on, age-appropriate craft that will keep fingers busy while impressing the truth of the gospel message. Your child(ren) will have a blast creating their own pumpkin masterpiece.

Pumpkin Scripture:  For older children, we provide Bible references to look up and read while carving pumpkins, making this a meaningful learning experience.  

Pumpkin Joyful Songs: Music is a fantastic tool for teaching and uplifting young minds. The 11-page Pumpkin Gospel Packet includes two songs specially selected to reinforce the lesson and bring joy to your learning environment. Sing-alongs, dance, and laughter await!

Pumpkin Helpful Tips: As someone who is dedicated to creating preschool curriculum, I understand the importance of providing practical guidance to adults. The tips included in this packet will offer insights on how to make the most of this educational experience, ensuring it's not only fun but also enriching.

Whether you're a family looking for meaningful activities to share at home or a teacher searching for a valuable resource to use in the classroom, our "Pumpkin Gospel Packet for Kids" is the perfect solution for this Halloween season. Start planting the seeds of faith, knowledge, and joy in the hearts of your kid(s) today.  Also available is a preschool version.  

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Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in learning and faith with our digital download. Download the "Pumpkin Gospel Packet for Kids" now, and watch as your preschoolers light up with joy and understanding!



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The Pumpkin Gospel Packet: Elementary Edition is a gospel-centered resource designed for a creative pumpkin carving activity during the Halloween season. It includes an interactive script, age-appropriate crafts, Bible references, joyful songs, and practical tips, making it an engaging and educational tool to share the Good News with school-aged children while enjoying pumpkin carving.

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