• 5 Year Curriculum Bundle

5 Year Curriculum Bundle

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  • Curriculum Guide
  • Workbook 
  • Interactive Bible Stories
  • Bible Song Packet - FREE!
  • Poem Packet - FREE!
  • Word Family Packet - FREE!
  • Memory Verse Packet - FREE!


NEW:  Elevate your child or students' early education with the bundled Complete 5 Year Curriculum Bundle, 2nd Edition.

🖍 Comprehensive Early Learning
The ABCJesusLovesMe carefully crafted program covers every aspect of early childhood education, ensuring the child's holistic development while making learning a fun and engaging experience. Use as a Traditional Kindergarten or Kindergarten Curriculum according to your state's requirements.

🖍 Prepare for Excellence
Written specifically for children who are ready for kindergarten level work but may or may not be in kindergarten, the 5 Year Curriculum goes beyond the basics of preschool, setting the child on the trajectory to excel academically, spiritually, and socially.  With 36 meticulously crafted Lesson Plans designed to cover 9-12 months, immerse the child in a world of imagination with weekly themes, math, science, and social science learning that spark creativity.  Foster a love for reading with carefully chosen books that complement the learning and inspire a lifelong love for literature. Enhance fundamental skills such as pre-reading, handwriting, and visual perception—each a crucial stepping stone toward future academic achievement.  Move beyond the basic Bible stories to elevate the child's understanding of God and His divine plan for them.

🖍 Amplify Learning Anywhere
Moreover, enjoy showcasing the vibrant Bible Songs, Poems, Rhymes, and Memory Verses in your home or classroom. Additionally, our conveniently sized travel cards ensure that learning can accompany the child on the go, ensuring continuous growth and exploration.  Also, begin the child's journey into pre-reading with the Word Families digital download, igniting their passion for reading.

🖍 Explore the Enhanced 2nd Edition
Our updated 2nd Edition boasts a more reader-friendly layout, redesigned horizontal worksheets, refined objectives and activities, and a wealth of additional learning opportunities, including field trips, memory-making experiences, and teaching tips. It's packed with more learning fun than ever before!  

🖍 Eliminate the Need for Elaborate Preparation
We've done the hard work so you don't have to, allowing parents and teachers to confidently streamline lesson planning and quickly deliver effective, research-based academic, biblical, and developmental education.

🖍 Cultivate Confident Learners
Designed to nurture their growth and curiosity, this curriculum goes above and beyond, covering every facet of early learning, ensuring these children are ready to embark on their educational journey with confidence and enthusiasm.  Invest in their future today with our 5 Year Curriculum. 

ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum Important Information:

Materials: All printed materials are shipped to you unbound and 3-hole punched, offering you flexibility in organizing and arranging your resources. After purchasing, you'll find a link to access the Digital Download in your invoice. Please note that sharing any materials from this website is prohibited to ensure the integrity of the product and its licensing.

Preschools, Daycares, and Churches Annual Renewal:  An active License of Use is mandatory for all non-immediate family usage. For continuous use, it is necessary to renew the licenses for this product on an annual basis, ensuring that your students' learning journey continues to flourish. When truthfully selecting 'Not my immediate family' during the ordering process, the required annual Licenses are automatically included with your purchase.

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Bundled Products

5 Year Bible Song Packet
5 Year Bible Song Packet
5 Year Curriculum Guide
5 Year Curriculum Guide
5 Year Interactive Bible Stories
5 Year Interactive Bible Stories
5 Year Memory Verse Packet
5 Year Memory Verse Packet
5 Year Poem Packet
5 Year Poem Packet
5 Year Word Family
5 Year Word Family
5 Year Workbook
5 Year Workbook

Supplemental Materials

5 Year Memory Verse Packet - King James Version
5 Year Memory Verse Packet - King James Version