Developmental Guide for Ages 5 to 6
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Below is a development guide for children ages three to four years old.  These guidelines are available to help you know what objectives to work on with your child.  These guidelines are also the basis of the ABCJLM 5 Year Curriculum .  According to Kyla Boyse, R. N., "Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do at a certain age range.  Your pediatrician uses milestones to help check how your child is developing.  Although each milestone has an age level, the actual age when a normally developing child reaches that milestone can vary quite a bit."  Any concerns that you have should be addressed with your pediatrician.

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• runs lightly on toes
• walks on balance beam
• can cover 2 meters hopping
• skips on alternate feet
• jumps rope
• beginning to skate and swim
• kicks a rolling ball

Drawing & Cutting

• cuts out simple shapes
• copies triangle
• traces diamond
• copies first name
• colors within lines
• has adult grasp of pencil
• had handedness well established
• pastes and glues appropriately

Personal Care

• tying their own shoes and buttoning their own buttons before the age of 6


• Sentence length of 5-6 words
• vocabulary of about 2000 words
• can tell you what objects are made of
• uses all types of sentences

Sensory and Thinking Skills

• approaches problems from a single point of view
• knows right and left hand

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This information is provided as a guide only.  Because every child is different consult your pediatrician as this list is a generalization.


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