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The exciting journey of a 5-year-old's development is marked by growth and readiness for kindergarten. This developmental checklist is your guide through the child's 60-72 months milestones.

Foundation to the ABCJesusLovesMe 5 Year Curriculum, this checklist serves as a comprehensive roadmap, offering insights into a child's typical development during this crucial stage of preparation for kindergarten. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, this comprehensive overview explores key developmental areas. Utilize this tool and should any questions arise, seek professional guidance for a deeper understanding of the child's unique developmental path.

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Always consult with a professional with any concerns.

Physical Development of a 5-year-old

  • runs lightly on toes
  • walks on balance beam
  • skips, jumps, hops with good balance
  • jumps rope
  • begins to skate and swim
  • kicks a rolling ball
  • walks backwards
  • stands on one food with eyes closed
  • swings and climbs

Drawing & Cutting Skills of a 5-year-old

  • cuts out simple shapes
  • draws triangle and diamond
  • copies first name
  • colors within lines
  • has tripod grasp of pencil
  • has handedness well established
  • pastes and glues appropriately
  • draws person with 6 body parts
  • writes some ABC’s

Personal Care Skills of a 5-year-old

  • tying own shoes 
  • buttoning own buttons
  • helps with chores around house
  • uses knife to spread soft foods

Speech Development for a 5-year-old

  • 6-8 word sentence length, all parts of speech
  • vocabulary of about 2000 words
  • can tell what objects are made of
  • uses all types of sentences
  • knows address and phone number
  • get along well with parents
  • talk about day’s activities
  • answer questions about a book after reading
  • uses and recognizes simple rhymes
  • asks deeper questions 
  • can answer “why” questions

Sensory and Thinking Skills of a 5-year-old

  • knows right and left hand
  • understand commands with multiple instructions
  • curious about real facts about the world
  • have good manners
  • follow rules and take turns
  • wants to be like friends
  • says “I’m sorry” when makes mistakes

Cognitive Development of a 5-year-old

  • recognize and recite alphabet
  • knows at least 4 colors
  • knows days of week and month
  • can name coins
  • count to 10
  • recognizes name in print

Be Watching for...

The developmental milestones give you a general idea of the changes you can expect as the child gets older, but don't be alarmed if her development takes a slightly different course. Each child develops at her own pace. Do consult your pediatrician, however, if your child displays any of the following signs of possible developmental delay for this age range.

  • hearing problems
  • trouble following directions
  • difficulty having a conversation
  • poor vocabulary growth
  • trouble asking or answering questions
  • trouble learning preschool concepts (colors)
  • stutters
  • unclear speech


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This article information is pulled from the following sources as well as many years of training. This information is provided as a guide only.  Because every child is different consult your pediatrician as this list is a generalization.

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