Diamond Shape

Diamond Worksheets:

Click to print: Diamond Poster         Diamond Dotted Line Poster
Square and Diamond Poster           Square and Diamond Dotted Line Poster


Diamond Songs:

Tune: She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
A diamond in the sky is a kite, (make a diamond with your hands)
A diamond in the sky is a kite,
Take a square squeeze it tight, add a tail, it's a kite (hug self, point into the air at a "kite")
A diamond in the sky is a kite (make a diamond with your hands)


Diamond Activities:

- Triangle Kite Triangle Kite - Color, paint, or draw on the triangle poster. (Tweak this worksheet to create diamonds)

- Heart Person Shape Family - Diamond Buddy
Add to your Shape Family by creating a Diamond Buddy.  Cut a large diamond out of construction paper.  Accordion-fold long, thin pieces of paper to form legs and arms.  Glue to the shapes.  Add a face with diamonds for the eyes and nose.  May also add shoes, hands, hair, or other accessories.

- Diamond Dot to Dot Diamond Dot-to-Dot - Dot-to-dot worksheets have not been introduced yet so your child may need lots of help.  When finished, paint the shapes.


Snacks and Foods:

- Diamond shaped crackers
- Cut any square item into a diamond


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