Pentecost Bible Story

Scripture:  Acts 2:1-4


Pentecost Bible Verse

Acts 16:31a Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


Pentecost Bible Song

Deep and Wide  Traditional

Deep and wide (put arms vertically, then horizontally),
Deep and wide
There’s a fountain (rain down with fingers)
Flowing (play piano with fingers)
Deep and wide

Optional – each time substitute the below words and say “hmmm” instead
1st Time - Deep
2nd Time - Deep, wide
3rd Time - Deep, wide, fountain
4th Time - Deep, wide, fountain, flowing

1st Time Example:
Hmmm and wide
Hmmm and wide
There's a fountain
Hmmm and wide


Pentecost Activity Sheet

Pentecost Worksheet  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

Use colored pencils to decorate the worksheet. 

Spread glue in the "fire."  Sprinkle with glitter.  Shake off excess.


Pentecost Activities and Crafts

Can You See the Holy Spirit?   Adapted from Unknown Source
Blow up a balloon and release. Watch the balloon fly around the room. Ask the child, “What made the balloon fly around?” Air “Can you see the air?” Repeat several times and let the child try to catch the balloon. “Now let’s look outside. When you see the leaves moving on a tree, what makes the leaves move? Wind Can you see the wind? Just like we can not see the air and wind, we can not see the Holy Spirit. Then how do we know that the wind, air, and Holy Spirit are real? We can see the effect of the air as it blows a balloon across the room. We can see the effect of wind as it moves the leaves about. Christians can see the effect of the Holy Spirit when they make good choices and obey even when they don’t feel like it. Safety Alert: It is very important that a child not put the balloon in their mouth.


Pentecost Interactive Bible Story

Available in the New Testament Curriculum


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