Easter is a pretty big deal at ABCJesusLovesMe and on the ParentingtoImpress blog.  And for good reason!  It’s the holiday that we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior.  But Easter can be tough to explain to children and between the bunny, baskets, and egg hunts, the true meaning can be easily lost.  Below are simple activities and ideas to help you teach children how much Jesus loves them.  

Easter Bible Story and Activities

Choose from the Passion Week events to discover a list of fun activities, book, songs, and other ideas children will enjoy.

Palm Branch

Jesus Rides on a Donkey (Palm Sunday)

“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest heaven!”  Mark 11:9-10 (NIV)

Celebrate Palm Sunday and further the learning of this Bible story with fun palm branch and donkey crafts and activities. 

Washing Feet

Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet

Discover how to serve others just as Jesus served His disciples.

image by Jennifer


Communion Worksheet

The Last Supper

These activities will help a child discover the meaning of Communion and what Jesus did at His last supper with His disciples.

3 Crosses Worksheet

Jesus' Death

Explaining the crucifixion of Jesus to young children can be intimating, but ABCJesusLovesMe has made it easy with age-appropriate activities, Bible stories, and crafts to guide your way.

Resurrection Rolls

Jesus' Resurrection

Use these activities and crafts to help young children understand the significance of Jesus' resurrection.

Easter Activity Workbook

Easter Activity Workbook, 2nd Edition

This countdown activity workbook has the purpose of pointing children to the cross and understanding the salvation that comes from it.  Enjoy the straight-forward directions and explanations to quickly implement the activities in your home or classroom.

Little girl using a rolling pin.

Easter Kid-Friendly Recipes

Head to the kitchen for some memorable cooking moments.

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Easter Interactive Bible Stories & Videos

Discover fun ways below to help children understand the importance and specific events of Easter.

Little boy holding a painted egg-carton carterpillar.

Caterpillar to a Butterfly Illustration

I have always been awed by the symbolism of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly and Jesus being in the tomb and rising again. This example can also be used to explain life without Christ and then having a new life once a person has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

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Explain Easter with Colors

Because of the time spent teaching preschoolers colors, they are drawn to stories that involve this learning.  Explore ideas to explain Easter with colors.  

Wordless Book Worm

Wordless Book Recipes and Activities

The Wordless Book was introduced by Charles Spurgeon in 1866 as a method to explain the Gospel.  Child Evangelism Fellowship began to print the books with instructions in 1939.  Although additional colors have been added to the story, the essentials have never changed. 

Little boy making eggs out of sensory craft supplies.

Resurrection and Easter Eggs Activities

Eggs are a symbol of new life. Also the egg is an illustration of the Resurrection - a chick emerging from its shell represents Jesus emerging from his tomb on Easter.

Because children understand these concepts, eggs are a wonderful tool to help children understand the resurrection of Jesus.

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Buck Denver Asks: What's in the Bible? Volume Ten - Jesus is the Good News!

While geared toward elementary-aged children, this video explains the Easter story better than I have ever seen.

Little boy looking at a children's Bible

ABCJesusLovesMe Interactive Bible Stories

Draw from the age-appropriate, Interactive Bible scripts available in the Old and New Testament Curriculum2 Year Interactive Bible Stories3 Year Interactive Bible Stories, and 4 Year Interactive Bible Stories

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