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Green ABCJesusLovesMe Crayon Basic 3 Year Curriculum:  FREE for Family Use

Beginning to think about preparing your 3-year-old for kindergarten?  The Basic 3 Year Curriculum includes comprehensive learning for:

  • Academics
  • Bible
  • Development (Fine and Gross Motor)
  • Music
  • Tactile Writing
  • Self-care  

This Curriculum provides free, easy-to-use Lesson Plans and worksheets for immediate family, in-home use.  For curriculum use in a preschool, church, or daycare, please check out the Complete 3 Year Curriculum.

The online Basic 3 Year Curriculum (1st Edition) and the Complete 3 Year Curriculum (2nd Edition) are not compatible.  


Begin by selecting Online Lesson Plans in the drop-down box. 

Green ABCJesusLovesMe Crayon My son graduated from ABCJesusLovesMe this past summer. We used the curriculum from 18 months to 5 years old. We are now 6 weeks into public school Kindergarten and he is flying through the curriculum and sharing Jesus with his classmates. His teacher said he is the most kind, loving friend in the class. I believe with all my heart that he would not be where he is today without ABCJLM. Thank you for changing lives!  --Suzie on Facebook

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Basic Curriculum

3 Year Curriculum Bundle

Complete Curriculum

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I've started and stopped the 2 Year Curriculum a bazillion times.  It wasn't until I really stopped and listened to Heidi comments that ABCJLM is not school or a list of things you have to do, but rather a guide as you're going about your day, [that things changed]. In doing only a couple of activities each week, my son is thriving now that I've taken the pressure off.  - Emily on Facebook


3 Year Curriculum Bundle
3 Year Curriculum Bundle

Supplemental Materials

3 Year Bible Song Poem
3 Year Bible Song Poem
3 Year Curriculum Guide
3 Year Curriculum Guide
3 Year Interactive Bible Stories
3 Year Interactive Bible Stories
3 Year Poem Cards
3 Year Poem Cards
3 Year Workbook
3 Year Workbook